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User Info: sliusarek

6 months ago#1
I'm really not sure what to think about this game.

It's very unique and I like the story, dialogue most of the time... when it doesn't go into "slice of life" parts. I feel like it should have been a much shorter game, it just doesn't work well as a "dive into the vampire life".

Combat starts to really annoy me and I regret choosing the "Normal" difficulty. I am not good with games and usually play on Easy, but sometimes certain games hit me and I enjoy their difficulties. Vampyr? Now it just feels very... rough? Uneven in combat and plain boring.

Really not sure if I should continue.

User Info: ThaDestroyer

6 months ago#2
this game is getting easier when you kill civilians...otherwise you dont get that much exp to level up your charakter!

i would say: Continue but dont forget to kill every civilian otherwise you getting f.... later in the game because the npcs are going to be ridiculously strong and you dont have a chance without leveling up!

you should focus on leveling Health + Stamina to max!

User Info: insight2k

6 months ago#3
I feel you.
Haven't embraced besides clay fox, from the beginning (tutorial like).
I am level 13 and in chapter 3.
It is getting easier as you level up and strengthening your weapon(s).

It was kinda hard in the beginning as well, but it will get better imo. Just push yourself a bit further.
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User Info: kontoculai

6 months ago#4
If you don't want to kill any civilian you could just grind.
I recommend to invest on your pistol , one handed melee weapons and stamina,I even prioritize my stamina over my health
Keep your eyes healthy
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