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User Info: EmperorBlack

4 weeks ago#21
yeah, having the single save is to put emphasis on the choice and consequence of one's actions...other games have had it as well; I enjoy that.

I was reflecting on how much I loved playing this game... planning to return soon to finish playing it as a more evil vamp that has no problem feeding on everyone (a whole district fell into ruin recently due to my actions; everyone over there is either dead or "missing" lol)... haha you get so gloriously overpowered FAST with that... this is how it should be, actually. Bethesda's silly ass had it backwards; your vampire powers actually got weaker when you fed on people in Skyrim (*at least in regular ol' vanilla, of course...before you change things with mods) it was to your advantage in that game to never feed. Anyway, I would still recommend this to any fan of vampires....especially since it seems to keep popping up on various sales lately.
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User Info: Zarley420

1 week ago#22
I played unpatched and did a not even once run no problem. Did people complain it was too easy at first? With the perfect axe at the end it kinda was. Sounds like the updates screwed it up.

User Info: GabrielleM

1 week ago#23
Everything worked out for me. Still backup all time though. I played as a good vampire, because I love RPG's a lot. Only mucked up the districts later for a platty.

I did get hadokened by the Dorothy choice issue though lol.

Very great and engaging game. Got a little bunk near the end after last boss because I was expecting super last boss, but then just dialogue.
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User Info: clarinet1

1 week ago#24
Zarley420 posted...
magemaximus posted...
i killed an enemy that was 8 levels higher than me. i think i was level 10. or i was 8 and he was 18 or 17. dunno if he was 8 levels higher than me. but it wasn't a boss, just a regular enemy.

That's the game telling you to turn around, you're under leveled. You want to stick to the district the story has you in, in the 1st half or so.

Exploring early is a bad idea, you can trigger some "save citizen" mission by accident and can't actually get to where they are at yet. Then you forget about it, go to sleep and that person dies.

I just started the game last week and didn't have an issue exploring in Chapter 2... None of the rescue citizen investigations you come across are in places you couldn't defeat the enemies and get to. It's not impossible to defeat the level 17 enemies that appear in Chapter 2 at a low level. By the time I finally went to investigate the dispensary I had already completed the following side missions:

The Docks:
- Another Body Murdered
- Ghouldiggers
- Shortage of Essential Product
- Tribute to the Victims
- A Simple Token of Filial Love
- Old Prune and Good Manners

Pembroke Hospital:
- Missing Ingredients
- Burn After Reading
- Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
- The Harder They Fall
- Tool of the Trade
- Wrong Target
- Claustrophobia

- Trinkets and More
- A Cherished Souvenir
- Holy Crusade
- Promising Recruit
- Widow in Distress
- Retaliation

My stats prior to finally resting and investigating the dispensary were:

Level 6
- Autophagy
- Blood Barrier
- Big Thirst
- Coagulation
- Fast Regeneration
- Shadow Mist

- Common Hacksaw with Enhanced Damage
- Common Priwen Stake with Increased Stun (iirc I had picked it up during Chapter 1)

As long as you manage your blood and stamina, and learn to dodge it's not that hard to fight enemies 10+ levels over you. The hardest enemy I fought in Chapter 2 was the Chaplin in Whitechapel.

The warning I'd give is that the game was balanced/fixed to remove the beneficial bugs (xp, money, weapon stats, damage values, etc) while other bugs were ignored. Most online guides I've seen were never updated to reflect said changes. Sadly, they never fixed some of the mission bugs. For example, I found out the hard way that the A Cherised Souvenir bug was never fixed. If you don't finish it without turning the game off, you lose one of the options to complete the mission. (That bug was the reason why I researched what they fixed and didn't fix since release. I would have preferred it if the developers would have fixed the mission breaking bugs over fixing the beneficial ones...)

User Info: Zarley420

1 week ago#25
Ah, probably an issue fixed in a patch. I played it unpatched. There was no difficulty setting for me. It was the Teasdale lady for me. More towards the end I suppose.
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