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User Info: sinn1

6 months ago#1
I do not care that I am going to post spoilers people need to know what they are getting into with this...."AAA" game.

I am so angry I am seeing red at this point. This game has one save spot in save spot. It also requires you to get to a save spot to level up your character.

Now I got to Chapter 4 and at this point its a decent game and looks nice in 4K...I am following the story and I go into this...building (I am trying not to spoil but at the same time..) anyway, I run into a boss who is about 8 levels higher than me. Its a knock down drag out fight but I finally lose and I figure "my level is to low, I need to go and level up." Except I cannot exit the boss area and now my entire game is done. It took everything I had inside of me not to take it and crush it until the disc explodes. Yes, I am that angry, I will never play this game again. I doubt I will ever purchase another title from Focus again.

User Info: Rome218

6 months ago#2
I came here to read opinions and about possible patches, the game is on sale for 26 dollars on the Xbox weekly sale.

I'm sorry to hear about your save. The reason I came here is I saw a review a while ago from a YouTuber named Razorfist, who also got screwed by a major bug.

User Info: sinn1

6 months ago#3
It really sucks as this game is truly good...its just the bugs. I would give anything for this game to be in perfect order. It looks absolutely stunning in 4K...its just tjose freaking bugs.

User Info: Punishme

6 months ago#4
And the idiots stopped the infinite xp code with the latest few updates so you'll have to start again and grind unfortunately
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User Info: MarBeats

6 months ago#5
I Made a post the devs are idiots. They couf have made dlc for this game people would have wanted. Having people play then game on hard mode then have to stop on the middle of that to access that was insanse. Take out what makes the game good. Don't add any real dlc. Make it harder to lvl up in hard mode when lvl up with out the glitch is already a pain.

It felt like the devs of this game didn't care and wanted to troll. This game could hav3 been bigger. A vampire game finally but the devs could not see a big picture and made the good to bad.

I was so hype for hard mode too
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User Info: AdamToughsoul

6 months ago#6
Bugs are not the only thing that plague this title, it suffers from stability issues, balancing issues and poorly thought out design choices. Players who feed on idle non aggressive NPCs are awarded large amounts of XP yet the aggressive NPCs who try to kill you merit little on defeating them. So a player planning on abstaining has a far far more difficult time as you don’t get XP from draining blood from enemies in combat. In fact, you must break the enemy’s guard first in order to feed on them, which takes bullets or a weapon with a particular effect, and their blood does not award you any XP. You get a ridiculously small amount for the winning of combat, especially in comparison to how much you get from killing an idle non aggressive NPC.

The game doesn’t reward the player an achievement playing on easy as a “good” vampire. Though the game does not penalize you for playing on easy as an “evil” guy which already makes the game considerably less difficult.

Other issues I’ve had includes crashing, enemies with T poses, idle NPC chat interrupting the player dialog with one of two NPCs (dialog that has already repeated itself four times), and character repeating his voice dialog every time I feed on a rat (gets annoying really fast).

Another big issue I had was after failing a boss encounter, the shotgun ammo I used during the fight wasn’t replenished. I was luckily able to leave and get a few extra bullets off a merchant but that merchant has a limited stock each “night” and the lack of refilling your ammo as you continue to fail would make it increasingly difficult for the player. It’s good game design to refill ammo to its prior state upon continuing.

I wanted to like this game and certain things about it I do, like voice acting and the artwork but this game has brought me so much misery in such a short time that I’ve tried to get my money back and unfortunately I haven’t had a voice back from anyone who has listened. I have been told to report my issues with the game to the company and that’s all I can do.

User Info: moonlithunter

6 months ago#7
Thank you.

I WAS considering getting this game but I loathe buggy titles so...again, thank you.

You've saved me time and money.
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User Info: finalfantasy94

6 months ago#8
moonlithunter posted...
Thank you.

I WAS considering getting this game but I loathe buggy titles so...again, thank you.

You've saved me time and money.

From my playthrough this game is not a buggy mess. I say if your still interested get the game it's rather good.
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User Info: sliusarek

5 months ago#9
Most of Focus games are like this: nice premise and ideas, terrible execution and performance.

User Info: ThaDestroyer

5 months ago#10
beat it a week ago...i have expected something different but it wasnt that totaly bad...the combat was terrible tho,they thought it would be cool to make the combat like the Dark Souls series. I know they dont have the budget for it but cmon you can at least make it a lil bit fluent...and lets not forget the frame drops,cmon man. Somehow i felt bad for killing all the civilians,they were already sick and close to death but otherwise you wont get exp points,that was also a bad idea from the developers! Are you fn s***ting me the final boss was Lvl.51 and i was at 35,this was hell of a fight,without potions(syringe) you definitly fu...!

ok now, how the f... you gonna beat that,when you play the game without killling anyone?
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