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User Info: chughes724

9 months ago#1
So I've been eyeing this game since it came out, I'm very into vampire games, movies, books etc. With Halloween being this month, I've been thinking of picking this up finally to get me in the mood. I was waiting for a price drop, but so far no luck. I know that it's been updated over the months, with bug fixes and such. With that in mind, is it worth full price right now? I'm mainly interested in the story and characters, but I'm slightly concerned about buying a game that I could beat in a few hours. What exactly is the length? Thanks in advance.
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User Info: Fryedaddy4

9 months ago#2

User Info: Addplayer

9 months ago#3
I've got a hard time backing it up at $60. I enjoyed it, especially how my decisions affected certain districts. I don't want to slip with spoilers, but I'd say its a good $30 hit.
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User Info: PsychicHippo

9 months ago#4
I don't regret paying full price at launch. I got a lot of mileage out of it the first couple weeks - played through it three times, mixing up some of my choices - and never encountered technical issues. It's solid, for sure, but I tend to replay games a lot. If you're a one and done kind of guy then you might want to wait for a price drop.
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User Info: Allen Tax

Allen Tax
8 months ago#5
The game certainly has problems. Quests glitching. As one where if you get a quest item before acknowledging its need you can't do it right. The game also has some lag & lag into shutting game down into error report.

I do like the game. I love the characters. Especially 5 of them. As there realistic & not fake like a lot are in RPG games. The realism is a good & bad thing for me. I just dislike the fact that you pretty much have to watch a perfect video to it if you want to get it to play a certain way. As because the game has a auto save & you cannot choose another choice in a some of character events. This also screws you into getting the best exp. gains. The game could have also benefited a new game +...........Granted it is a choice. You don't need to.
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User Info: MarBeats

8 months ago#6
New game plus and a dungeon with enemies and some dlc. But this game is over now. No one cares anymore.

To me this developer is super dumb. First good vampire game made in years. They could have made this into a cow and milked it all
Dlc, new content or at least do a poll asking if they thought it wouldnt sell. But regardless. Being a vampire was awesome
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User Info: Xipe-Totec

8 months ago#7
I thought it was a great game, definitely didn’t regret buying at full price.

It’s not perfect but if you like vampire stories you should have fun
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User Info: Studiocigsplain

8 months ago#8
Loved it one if my personal games of the year easily.

User Info: darkness1018

8 months ago#9
I recently got it new for $40, been playing for a few hrs so far & I would have gladly paid the full $60 for it. Its got some great atmosphere & an interesting story.
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