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User Info: PrinceOfHot

2 years ago#1
One costs 10 more, this is more modern?
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User Info: boysrus72

2 years ago#2
Honestly, this. It's pretty great
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User Info: baldanthony

2 years ago#3
Played through the first 4 levels with my VR headset on, thinking 'It's fun, but not very... VR-ish.' That's when I realized I wasn't in VR mode. Doh!
For real, though - This is such an awesome fever dream experience. While frustrating at times, it isn't prohibitively so. The way the beat and sound effects embellish the song when hitting all the notes/bars/etc is very rewarding. I have plenty of fun in normal mode, and even more in VR.
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User Info: Trespasser2003

2 years ago#4
They're both incredible. Totally different types of music. Get both, but maybe get Rez first. The new Area X level almost brought me to tears. It's INSANELY beautiful in VR.
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