Best NA event of 2017?

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User Info: Sir_Punsalot

2 months ago#11
Nero fest was pretty challenging considering our servants at the time.
Can't wait for next year's nero fest. Get ready to get f***ed in the ass by 12x guts Herc and Scat + Cu...
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User Info: Veraxi

2 months ago#12
My favorite was Guda. Best story, great freebie servant, best shop and the grind wasn't as tiring as in Moon Goddess or here in christmas. Only one thing I would change is that I would loop the points rewards even to just QP/FP every 10000 or so. It felt like a waste after passing the limit.

User Info: NE_OC

2 months ago#13
In terms of fun, it's GUDAGUDA imo. A new, fairly challenging farming mission every two days was pretty nice.
There was a lot of useful stuff in the shop, it was too good to be true.
Story was pretty funny and nonsensical too.

Christmas was just the GUDAGUDA material leftovers in terms of the shop, and the raffle was highly profitable… but it was farming 40 AP all the time. The story was okay but not great. A lot of people find it more funny than GUDAGUDA, but I can't see how.

Nerofest and, to an extent, Halloween were both farming 40 AP all the time. Nerofest's challenges rotated, and Halloween added a few missions every so often that you could repeat ad nauseum…

Moon Goddess was horrible. 5 AP hell? Never again please, thank you. It dragged the whole experience down. Story had a couple funny jokes but it was very boring overall. The event shop was great at the time, but in retrospective, it's the worst one overall
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User Info: rickets987

2 months ago#14
1. Halloween
2. Christmas
3. Moon Goddess
4. Nerofest
5. Gudaguda

For as good as the materials were in gudaguda, everything else like the farming issues, story and characters were cringey. Moon Goddess was basically the same. Christmas was pretty enjoyable all around with only a few cringey parts, but I enjoyed Halloween as an event more. I didn't farm in Nerofest at all because I was barely playing FGO at the time.

User Info: NanoOmega

2 months ago#15
Just for the the fact the Nobus killed me every time I voted for GudaGuda, but to be fair I only started just before Halloween (which I also really enjoyed, even if my ap was abysmally low at that point. I think I went into it at like 30.)

User Info: MasterPoker

2 months ago#16
Best lore: Christmas
Best gameplay: Gudaguda
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User Info: Eiyu

2 months ago#17
MasterPoker posted...
Best lore: Christmas
Best gameplay: Gudaguda

I'd like to say that. Farming was great on Christmas, but my needed ascension materials were on gudaguda. I farmed a good amount of hearts on that event. I was able to raise some skills for Christmas though.
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User Info: MaverickHL

2 months ago#18
GudaGuda for was the only place where the ratio of getting hearts were good. Christmas was nice due to its XP cards, but overall I enjoyed GudaGuda a bit more.

User Info: hihi123hihi

2 months ago#19
Nero Fest was fun, but it wasn't too difficult with Waver and Herc. Trying to complete Christmas's 50 AP consistently with a full team of bonus units as a handicap was even more interesting. And Christmas had much more rewards.
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User Info: LVLLN

2 months ago#20
I liked the Halloween event a lot for being the only event with a grail, the silliness of Camilla & Vlad, the flexibility of Quests opening up at various points & staying open rest of the event, and the generous amount of apples. Even the Halloween Princess farming was mostly bearable thanks to the 20AP cost, though I might have felt differently if I hadn't finally managed a drop on the final day.

The other events were a lot of fun as well, no doubt, but I think Halloween gets a boost thanks to the grind not being as crazy as Christmas, the shop being much easier to clear than GUDAGUDA, & also offering a grail.

I wonder how I would've enjoyed Nerofest & Moonfest if I'd been leveled up & more experienced with the game. I didn't really have any idea what I was doing, so I didn't get anywhere near as much out of them as later events.
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