Is Tobyjon useless now?

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User Info: reverendmeta

2 years ago#11
I think it's the combination of the turret damage nerf and the average player being a little better at dealing with the turret that creates this perception.

I haven't played this on PC, but the overall design seems like Blizzard doesn't want you to be able to hold a point by hiding and letting your turret clear the area alone, they want it more as just another source of damage, hopefully from a difficult angle for the opposing team, and also to act as a sentry of sorts.

Personally, instead of lowering the damage, I wish they had slightly decreased the range or increased its target acquisition time.

Perhaps even make it so the damage and aiming scale to how close the enemy is. The current damage nerf would be applied at 31-40m and it would take maybe half a second more to get a lock, and when the enemy is within 10m there could be a 15% increase in damage.

+edit+ Also, they need to fix the bug where his name is displayed as "Torbjörn".
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User Info: AngelicTouch99

2 years ago#12
Not only does his turret do less damage, they stealth nerfed his hammer forging. It takes him longer to build turrets. Torb is garbage now
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  3. Is Tobyjon useless now?

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