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User Info: PerrySport

2 years ago#1
How have your experiences been being placed in teams with a party of three or four players?

Because today i've been winning matches with my team of solo players and have lost every single one that had me in a team of three or four people playing together. Seems like the enemy team that's partied up is always 10 times better than the guys (or maybe kids?) im teamed up with.

Played a match today that had a party four people in my team completely ignoring my Teleporter and just took the long way to get there. On attack im playing Zenyatta and am the only player moving the payload eventhough we got a Reinhardt and a D.va (i even got a gold medal and career best) What kind of tactics are these guys talking about when playing together?

Anyway i really wish that i'd get placed in lobbies of only solo players and not get teamed with parties because most of the time they only look out for each other and ignore everyone else resulting in a loss.

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User Info: zhumar

2 years ago#2
Hit or miss. I just had a game with a party of 4, me and another dude on Hanamura. We finished attack with ~2 minutes left and stopped the enemy team at the second point.

In those games, it really just comes down to which party is better at complementing each other.
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User Info: Jen X

Jen X
2 years ago#3
I've had mixed results. Some groups work well together and some don't. Even with communication some people are just stupid or stubborn.
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User Info: thebest99

2 years ago#4
My experience is if I'm on a team, we're going to lose. Doesn't matter if it's composed of all solo queue players or parties. We'll loose, and I'll just be on the objective by myself or I'll be putting up dope scores and still losing.

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User Info: UFSimian

2 years ago#5
It never fails. When there is a party of three or more on the opposite team, they work in combo, like yesterdays Rhein/Mercy/Bastion group. When the group is on my team, it's them trying to attack using Hanzo, Widow, and Ana.

User Info: gauchoninja

2 years ago#6
I've found that it doesn't really make a difference most of the time. Every now and then, you'll play with/against premades teams that have really good chemistry and can take the objective quickly, but that's fairly rare. Most of the time, the premades are nothing more than a few players who happen to be playing together. If there is an effect of being in a premades on their coordination, it's minimal.
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