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User Info: thebest99

2 years ago#1
Do these heroes need adjustments? - Results (39 votes)
I think they're good as is, leave them be for now.
20.51% (8 votes)
I think they do need to have a look at for changes.
64.1% (25 votes)
I don't use these heroes enough to give an opinion.
15.38% (6 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I know Winston does see some action in competitive and is I think currently ranked B tier as far as characters go, which makes sense for organized teams with vast communication he would be a great benefit, but I don't believe that detracts that I believe he could easily be made A or S tier. However, the issue is any incorrect adjustment to Winston and he will clearly be too powerful.

Right now as it stands, his primary does 60 DPS. Typically you need around 3 to 4 seconds to clear out those 200 HP characters and much more for any tanks, usually not enough, or no one is going to let you just stay there for 4+ seconds zapping them. Pretty much after 5 seconds you need to reload.

I believe the current strategy, the best I can understand is that is that you flank, melee a character and start using your primary, placing a bubble down and going in and out of it to make it difficult to get hit. Then once health drops to 200 or so, you jump the f*** out and find some health and resume annoying back line enemies.

My biggest issue with Winston is his bubble shield cool down, it's 13 seconds. That is a long ass time and it only absorbs around 800 damage. Now my suggestion can go 2 ways.

1. We increase the shields health to 1200 and increase the CD to 18 seconds, which I feel is a fair trade-off. Considering people can still just walk through and take you out.

2. We keep the shield as is and drop it down to 10 seconds.

I think with these adjustments it would make Winston a bit more versatile for Payload matches and assault. I hear he primarily is used on KOTH maps.

His ultimate is ok though, I don't think it's comparable to most but as a distraction it can help but I don't feel like it changes the tides of battles. I don't have any suggestion to try and make his ultimate more useful.

Winston is never going to be a super DPS character, and that's ok. I just wish his kit was a bit better balanced to help out the team. I would also like the range on his weapon to have like a 5% range increase but I don't know if this now makes him too powerful.

With Symmetra she currently is only good for defend A objectives. Sure you can use her in other modes given that your team assist you and allows you to set up but outside of objective A she is kind of useless. I love Symmetra though and user her a lot especially outside of her normal usage. Ideally if the enemy is pushing with a Reinhardt and I need to bust through his shields. She doesn't see enough usage because she is so niche and her abilities, while unique, just aren't good enough beyond defending objective A in assault/Payloads.

So how do we adjust Symmetra?

Currently she got a very unneeded nerf to her turrets, I don't believe anyone really had issues with her turrets as Winston can just come in and clear them out currently. I think they should go back to the way they were, but if we're going to continue. I believe the slow effect should be around 5 to 10% more effective or they have a smaller cool-down.

Her shield ability doesn't help as much as I believe the developers intended it to be. Currently people would rather just have armor packs from Torb. I think she should give 25 shields and if the target has shields, 25 health and can only cast it every 5 seconds on the same character.

I'd also adjust the speed of her projectile shot. I don't know what speed # but it shouldn't be blazing fast but noticeably a bit more faster.

I also think her primary could use a range increase. Currently I feel like I can be close, but not close enough and see my primary just tickling the enemies. I'd be ok with a 3% or 5% increase in range but again, she can put out a lot of DPS quick so this might result in making her OP.

What are you thoughts? If you were to make adjustments for these characters what would they be?

I based statistics off Overwatch Wiki and found the tier list from planetoverwatch.
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User Info: TheSpinBig

2 years ago#2
I think they're both perfect as is. Winstons bubble isnt meant to be dropped every 10 seconds. That would be far too much. He's not meant to be in the middle of the fight 100% of the time. Leap in, drop bubble, zap zap zap, leap out. Pop ult if you need more staying power.

Symmetra absolutely does not need a range increase to her primary. That thing already melts, especially once charged up and if it had more range she would be insane. She's a utility hero. She's there for the teleporter. If you gave her too much power she'd be scary good

User Info: Xeroxicide

2 years ago#3
The only change I would make to Symmetra's primary fire is to make it so that it doesn't consume ammo when it's not actually connecting with an enemy.
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User Info: TheSpinBig

2 years ago#4
^as long as it doesnt retain charge I'd be fine with this

User Info: dinit 7

dinit 7
2 years ago#5
Winston is fine.

For Symmetra they should increase the range at which she can place her turrets. Like the same range as Mei's Ice Wall. Keep her safer, she can set-up turrets inside the point without being in it, just needs line of sight. On offense, when in control of the payload, she can place turrets in doorways/paths that the defense is expected to enter from. Her turrets still take time to set-up and are easily dispatched anyways so what's the harm?
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User Info: MrImpatient35

2 years ago#6
Symmetra is fine as is, but Winston could use a slight power boost...slight. Definitely my 2nd favorite tank though.
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User Info: HavelMum

2 years ago#7
winston is perfect how he is, symmetra needs a massive buff
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User Info: thetimmon

2 years ago#8
after actually getting good with Winston's kit, the bubble cooldown doesn't mean much, you're supposed to be more a distraction than a shield for your team, leave the actual shielding to reinhardt or D.va, the main thing you want to do is leap in, place your bubble harass the enemy back line and then hop back after your cooldown to get healed by your healer, once you have your ult you can be a bit more carefree thanks to the fact that his ult brings him to 1000 health, so what you want to do once you have your ult, hop in zap some people, get them to focus more on you than your team, and then ult when you get low so that you can disrupt their team and just knock them around a lot, but keep an eye on your timer, you'll need to jump out afterwards because they'd likely focus you once you go ape s***.

User Info: Sputnik1337

2 years ago#9
winston is fine; symmetras entire kit needs reworked if she is ever going to be actually viable across all the maps.

that said, the game is balanced so that certain heroes are just not good picks in some situations, so I don't see them doing any major changes to her in an attempt to make her an auto lock on every map.

User Info: SigmaLongshot

2 years ago#10
As a player who favours Symmetra as one of my go-to characters, she has really has been significantly weakened by the recent update.

Her real strength comes from having players disoriented by her turrets and sneak-attacking during their distraction, or signposting important means of ingress for sneaky players attempting to take the back door into the point (with flashing indicators basically telling players "they're over there, shut 'em down!"). The third option used to be microwave rooms - basically, having a six-laser choke point to melt individual players - but this is a completely nonviable option now against anyone but the most inept opponents.

By no means am I saying she's useless - far from it - I'd say she's definitely a bottom pick now, if not the absolute least-enticing choice overall for team composition. Any Symmetras on console I now see just play her for the initial placements of lasers, popping the teleporter, then they switch character. I try to stick with her, to learn her sneaky tactics, but even using my most devious placement, her impact is minimal on the enemy team.
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