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  3. We take abilities from one hero and give them to another. Is that hero silly?

User Info: thebest99

2 years ago#1
We take the wall climbing from Hanzo and give it to Reinhardt. How ridiculous did he just get?
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User Info: Cylocybin

2 years ago#2
Lol wot

Are you asking a hypothetical question..who is this we

User Info: dovahkiin

2 years ago#3
Give Genji's double jump to Lucio or Lucio's wall ride to Genji. Oh gaawwwwd

User Info: Wcannon87281

2 years ago#4
Let Reinhardt fly like D.Va instead

User Info: Jumpman_8891

2 years ago#5
Give Reaver Tracer's blink ability.
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User Info: Synkie

2 years ago#6
Pharah's jet pack on a Junkrat. Clear weather with chance of JUSTICE RAINING FROM ABOVE.
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User Info: Andarist

2 years ago#7
Change McCree's ult to Reaper or Soldiers.
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User Info: reverendmeta

2 years ago#8
When D.va ejects from her mech I want her to jump around and rage-punch people like Winston.

Tre silly.
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User Info: WARRlOR

2 years ago#9
Roadhog has pharahs boost and mccrees roll
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User Info: gernburgs

2 years ago#10
Rein with reflect would just be painful.
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  3. We take abilities from one hero and give them to another. Is that hero silly?
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