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User Info: Jumpman_8891

2 years ago#41
SoleProvider posted...
RawringAir posted...
SoleProvider posted...
Is not really that bad. They go from 14 damage to 10 damage per shot. It's still gonna get dumb people.

so people like failz18
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User Info: narfa

2 years ago#42
GeneralFox posted...
Welp, no reason to bother with console comp matchmaking I guess if they're just going to dumb the game down for casuals. Hopefully my friend who's stuck on the PS4 version can get his PC rig up and running so we cam enjoy the game.

Uh, this game is already dumbed down for casuals. You can't find a more dumbed down game than this. Playing it on PC hardly changes that.
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User Info: trutildeth

2 years ago#43
The people who are rejoicing aren't paying much attention. A 30% reduction in damage will take Torbjorn from ~60DPS to ~45DPS. Seems like a lot, most bads (people who were screaming about him) will still get mudstomped by comps using multiple Torbjorns.

The players benefitting will be good Pharahs/Hanzos/D.Vas

User Info: krazykiwikid

2 years ago#44

Don't you hate people who are so stupid they don't realise it? Even worse when they actually think its everyone else who is stupid. I don't mind stupid people as long as they realise it. Above poster isn't one of those people.

Edit: above poster just snuck in after who I was addressing. Lol. Sorry.
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User Info: phoneixfencer

2 years ago#45
There are a lot of really salty Torb players in here. People love to call him garbage tier but it's rare to ever see a defense team without usually 2 of him. So maybe, just maybe, with this nerf all these scrubs will pick a different character and it might actually make certain maps fun again.
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User Info: AttackOnTitan

2 years ago#46
Yeah buddy, nerf that turret. Its such a noob weapon
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User Info: AttackOnTitan

2 years ago#47
fcs posted...
I think the problem was instant firing vs player latency, some sort of firing delay would have been better

Yeah that thing tracks you instantly, I would have been ok if they nerfed the range or so It couldn't do a 360 too. But I will take damage.
Eren Jaeger - If you win, you live. If you lose, you die. If you don't fight, you can't win! -

User Info: stoltenberg11

2 years ago#48
Something I saw on a different board actually made a good point. He is average to poor in 90% of the game, but for the last leg of an escort map and sometimes on the capture-2-points maps, he gives the team quite a bit of longevity, especially with multiple torbjorns. 3 or 4 turrets positioned right can put a lot of dps on one target and make even reinhardt shields go down quick, multiple molten cores that charge quickly, an enormous amount of armor hitpoints generated with all the scrap that every torb gets to pick up, and all of it is pretty close to the spawn of the defending team. And when one turret is killed and the attacking team moves on to the next one, the torb who's turret was killed vfirst can already have another one down by the time the 2nd turret is killed.

A part of me still wishes they had instead nerfed the rate at which he can place turrets, or maybe even nerfed the armor pack's effectiveness now that I think about it. Hopefully the balance team is paying close attention and make necessary changes if torb completely falls off the map after this, like the HotS team usually does.
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User Info: ayame95

2 years ago#49
Glad to hear that he's getting a nerf, though personally I would have preferred a reduction in range and rotation speed.
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User Info: thebest99

2 years ago#50
It's pretty extreme. I think the reduction of where it can aim or less accuracy would've been alright.
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