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User Info: smiley2guns

2 years ago#11
Master Zenyatta is a beast. His ultimate shuts down all others and his orb adds 50% more damage. That shuts mercy's healing ability down. You need to put a good ten hours in with him to completely understand the way to play with him. He is my main character I run also my highest k/d character.

User Info: thebest99

2 years ago#12
J0eRacer posted...
just gotta be smart

And there lies the problem .
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User Info: vashkey

2 years ago#13
I play him if I'm not really in the mood to play support but no one else will pick it. At least then I can get some kills too. Its also nice to play him at the start of a game where you're on offense and you're not pressed for time

User Info: Evel138

2 years ago#14
Once you figure out where you need to be on the field and learn the maps, he's probably the beast healer out of all of them (despite being by far the squishiest) as he can crank out some DPS.

If I need to be healer, he's usually my first pick. Lucio on control maps.
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User Info: RBFJAlphPrime

2 years ago#15
I pretty much main him. I think of him as more of a dps than a healer. He's my go-to solution to bastion. And he's one of the best characters vs tanks.

I've been in games where healing just isn't enough, sometimes you just need the other guys to be dead.
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User Info: xero549

2 years ago#16
I think he's great.

User Info: zhumar

2 years ago#17
A good Zenyatta matched with some good DPS is a force to be reckoned with. That 50% extra damage goes a long way. You just can't really rely on him to heal nearly as well as Mercy or Lucio. His healing is best used on a tank so they can distract and soak up bullets while Zen throws discord around and does his own DPS.
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User Info: fort1e

2 years ago#18
ayame95 posted...
I like him a lot, but I find him hard to play well. I'm still new to the game, though. I'd like to understand how to use him more effectively.

He's great. Make sure a teammate has a RB heal orb on them at all times and an enemy has an LB discord orb on them at all times and then just spam RT on enemies from a safe distance where you can get to cover easily. You can pretty much snipe with Zenyatta he has great accuracy. Then use Y ultra when you get it to tank and heal and take back objectives. Just be ready to take covered when your ultra runs out cuz you'll be vulnerable immediately and Zenyatta is pretty easily killed

Edit: the nice thing about him compared to mercy is that everyone Does higher damage to each enemy with a discord orb, as opposed to just one teammate getting buffed by mercy. Discord is potent and you don't have to focus on a teammate to heal them. Sure, it's a slower and less powerful heal than mercy's but teammates have to be smart and stay alive also and you don't have to be near them to heal, you can keep your distance
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User Info: ArcadeFire87

2 years ago#19
He's not used competitively, and I don't think he's reliable as a healer. I don't bother trying to tank if it's just Zenyatta. I don't know, I just feel like Lucio is a better fit on a team
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User Info: GamerFreak1993

2 years ago#20
Zenyatta makes things die faster. If things die faster you don't have to heal as much.
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