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  3. It seems I'm getting suspended WAAAY more these days.
RyoHakubi 3 days ago#1
I don't use voice chat, and I don't type anything, but I am constantly being blamed for the failure of the team.
I only queue up as support, and usually play Mercy. Yet people accuse me of throwing because I won't follow them into the enemy spawn to kill them. Then the team gets wiped because they were literally standing in the enemy spawn doorway.
I keep getting suspended because of situations like this, and it's annoying. WTF am I supposed to do to circumvent these false reports?
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AzaneAzer 3 days ago#2
Never known anyone suspended for any gameplay reasons. It's only been the afk/spamming/racism that I've seen people get suspended.
Vulcan422 3 days ago#3
Just drop the game and wait for Overwatch 2. In its current state, Overwatch 1 is a wasteland. Bad balance and a community that has no clue how to play it. All of which is being fixed in Overwatch 2.
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GRTooCool 3 days ago#4
Everyone thinks they're innocent. You have to have done something that you're not admitting to.

I highly doubt you're queuing with a 5 stack where they all band up to report the solo queuer for no reason.
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I’ve played since beta, I’ve never been suspended.
psuedospike 2 days ago#6
Post a picture of your suspension report or no one is going to believe your story I'm afraid.
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But I was playing mercy and then I got suspended for no reason
I must have been healing too good
TG_Wolf 2 days ago#9
They don't suspend/ban s*** unless its reported on stream by a high profile streamer or it directly affects OWL.

They just don't give a f***.
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I'd suspend you for playing Mercy alone, unless you have a Soldier, Ashe, Pharah or Echo, she is useless and dogs***.
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  3. It seems I'm getting suspended WAAAY more these days.

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