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  3. When was Overwatch at its best to you guys?

User Info: DexterTheThird

1 month ago#11
Year 2 was generally a good time. Events were still exciting with fresh content, balance was usually decent (Moth Meta and Invincible Bastion being the exceptions), the hype for Doomfist was great, and the community was generally strong and it was much easier to find dedicated players to group regularly with.
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User Info: sycoKinesis

1 month ago#12
For me, it'd have to be the year it was released (2016). I was addicted to the game, but each year has me playing the game less and less.
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User Info: ArroganceMalice

1 month ago#13
Other than at launch when it had that magical feeling

but honestly gotta say since 2 2 2

game should have been built and launched with that in mind and went from there
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User Info: Terenigma

1 month ago#14
When Zen's secondary fire actually fired all the orbs fast
When Symmetra 2.0 existed and she had the shield and was actually fun to use

These are the only two things i miss in the game, the balance is always wack but at its best was when i was enjoying those two characters and now i enjoy neither of them.
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User Info: ShiningBlade1

1 month ago#15
Summer 2017 was when I played it the most

User Info: GRTooCool

1 month ago#16
Before Sombra was created. I honestly think the whole invisibility hack is BS.

Even up to this day, whenever I'm playing in Mystery Heroes and have one of those games where I'm dominating and in control, the game will make sure to give the other team at least 2-3 Sombras to **** everyone over.
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User Info: YoungThugger

1 month ago#17
Game was great up until Season 5. Post-5, the game went on a goddamn downward spiral (around the time Moth made its presence known) and still is.

It was just fun. Even if it wasn’t balanced, it was incredibly fun and I actually felt like skilled players were rewarded.

Recently, it’s been a clusterf*** of a game that’s stuck in anomie. Now, it just doesn’t have much of a soul. All of the players that I grew up with left and there’s not much that’ll get me to come back.
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User Info: Thunder_Armor

1 month ago#18
GOATS and Brig

I should go.

User Info: Irony

1 month ago#19
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