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User Info: Mforz

2 months ago#1
Got home from a tiring day at work.
All I want is to relax. Pick quickplay, get a QUICK match, pick any character I want, fool around while helping the team.

But now that's gone forever. Now I am FORCED to a role. quickplay takes several minutes for each game. It's all trying to be so serious. I just want to relax. It's quickplay, who cares if we have six dps.

Rip overwatch, my relaxation place.
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User Info: Edge_of_Ada

2 months ago#2
They should seriously have a mode for QP that isnt role locked.
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User Info: RingsOfUranus

2 months ago#3
The game was developed to be a highly competitive, team-oriented shooter with eSports as a central focus. I don't know why you're complaining that it's "trying to be so serious." The game was designed to be serious.

User Info: mikesettokill

2 months ago#4
QP classic

User Info: GRTooCool

2 months ago#5
Because there's no other menus to navigate... like Arcade --> QP Classic.
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User Info: EzraGenesis

2 months ago#6
Yeah they just moved it to Arcade under Quick Play Classic.
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User Info: Suspiria

2 months ago#7
Yeah, there's Quick Play Classic...then again, they could have just kept it like it is and kept their s***ty Role Queue confined exclusively to Competitive, but whatever.

But as stated, the Role Queue saving Overwatch and making it playable turned out to be a giant load of s***.

People just found something else to b**** about like shield meta and Symmetra.

User Info: SockoressKnight

2 months ago#8
Not sure if anyone has mentioned it yet, but you should go to Quick Play Classic in the Arcade
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User Info: BA2929

2 months ago#9
Edge_of_Ada posted...
They should seriously have a mode for QP that isnt role locked.

They do.
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User Info: super_felicia

2 months ago#10
BA2929 posted...
They do.
The joke

Your head
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