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  3. Overwatch is educating insecure, angry man-children about gays

User Info: AzaneAzer

1 month ago#101
DarxWingDuck posted...
OW board has become the home for SJW alt accounts apparently.

We're off the top 10, so most the extremes of both will disappear.

User Info: Sparkey528

1 month ago#102
Oh boy......

Honestly there isn't anything wrong with having gay characters in your game, what the problem most of the people have is the way they announce it or try to "educate us". Had they just quietly added Emily, rather than making a big stink about which Overwatch character is gay, no one would have a problem but homophobes. Same with Soldier, just quietly released the comic, and didn't say anything, no one would whine except homophobes.

Heck I actually kinda liked the way the lore introduced it through the comics, everything felt fairly natural between the characters, I just didn't like how Blizzard brought it up through tweets etc. And before I am called a homophobe, I'm gay.
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User Info: Roxborough4Ever

1 month ago#103
Eab1990 posted...
>Active posts: 3
>Active posts: 2
>Active posts: 1
>Active posts: 1

Seriously, where are all these people coming from?

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User Info: Eab1990

4 weeks ago#104
valikkster posted...
Eab and Brian just literally b**** slapped every sjw in this topic up and down the page with logic and reason. Watching them kick and scream about being wrong is oddly entertaining.

I'm here to commend you both, even though I don't agree with you a lot of the time.

Carry on.

kiba deserves the credit more than me. I spent these past few days being baited more for being called a homophobe than me actually having a serious opinion on the matter. Squirtle in particular is apparently a CEposter who calls trans people mentally ill, so shame on me for feeding him.

Though I'll continue to look forward to any opportunity to s*** on shadowsun for being the joke poster he is.
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