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  3. Even though Brigitte is still playable despite her nerf...
nocturnal traveler 3 months ago#11
Like I said, she's still playable, but there are those who still think she's OP. Same cries were made about Mercy and Symmetra. There was nothing wrong with Sym, and while Mercy could've used a nerf, Blizzard went too far. Hopefully this is the last nerf Brig gets, because the chances of Blizzard nerfing her too much are pretty high.
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User Info: acetuner

3 months ago#12
Flamenixx posted...
swordz9 posted...
The damage nerf on bash is too severe. I mean think about this. Lucio’s boop now does 5 times as much damage as Brigitte’s shield bash. Her bash does as much damage as Ana’s sleep dart. I think they should’ve tried cutting it to 25-30 first before dropping it down so low it’s barely even worth putting on cooldown unless you can stop and Ult with it

She can still stun combo tracer down and she is almost unbeatable in a 1v1. In team fights its rlly easy to aoe damage the enemy team, she is still a great character.

Combo only does 110 she can't anymore but she's still a deterrent thanks to her heal pack

User Info: AngelicTouch99

3 months ago#13
Brig sucks now lol. Whatever. Ill just go back to being a mccree and roadhog main.

Less shield health
Cant shield charge through shields even though its a melee attack
5damage shield charge

Lol what a joke

User Info: AzaneAzer

3 months ago#14
There's never been an unplayable hero, even 150 health zen with snail pace Trans, was 'playable'

User Info: swordz9

3 months ago#15
Who is closest to unplayable now? I’d probably guess Doomfist because he has to spend 2 abilities to secure a kill and needs babysitting to escape without dying most of the time (Zen Orb/Zarya Bubble). Symmetra is in a pretty bad spot too, but she’s lucky that tons of console people are literally too f***ing stupid to take the 1s to destroy her turrets. I don’t know why so many people just run past them without destroying them when they’re on a long cooldown. Nothing worse than having 4 DPS on your team incapable of the mental capacity required to shoot a turret
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  3. Even though Brigitte is still playable despite her nerf...
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