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  3. Has this game truly become StunWatch?

User Info: AzaneAzer

3 months ago#21
xx_SaintBoot_xx posted...
That seagul player recently made a video on youtube about his views against all the stuns, and how there is no way to counter ults. Something like that, can't really remember, and I am having a hard time finding it again.

and then there is this little gem of a video: Stunned 4 times after he drops his hammer


Ya, This is exactly the s*** people used to link in WoW that lead to Diminishing returns on stuns.

Went from stuns just ending matches, to the entire meta for pvp in WoW to be stun management for.... 12 years

User Info: Chariot_of_God

3 months ago#22
Lol That video. Pure crazy. And love the accent.
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User Info: AngelicTouch99

3 months ago#23
This is why reaper is trash. Requires melee range in a game where half the cast has a stun or knockback while his mobility is s*** and hurtbox is huge. Lol

User Info: korn666rule

3 months ago#24
As a Reaper main who has been stunned out of his ult numerous times at key moments. I must say that stuns are counters. Fair counters at that. Long story short just get better at knowing when to rez or pop ult. I learned so can you
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  3. Has this game truly become StunWatch?
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