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  3. People who don't know how to play healer are the biggest cause of losses

User Info: thatgumyouliked

3 months ago#1
I'm not saying this as some salty DPS main. I play about 50% support, 25% tank, 25% DPS. But i am so sick of playing with bad healers who don't focus tanks, who only heal their party, who pocket the damn Bastion.

Is it just me?

User Info: GRTooCool

3 months ago#2
I think there's a huge difference between not actually knowing how to play as a healer and not giving a rats ass.
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User Info: Pootbird

3 months ago#3
I have seen some painfully oblivious healers, yes. And it can lead to a team's downfall, just like any other significant mistake.

I play quite a lot of healer. It's very important that you are alwaya aware of where your team is and who to prioritise healing.
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User Info: swordz9

3 months ago#4
Nope. Had a Mercy on my team the other day who probably died 20 times trying to heal/res the Widow and Genji on our team instead of sticking with the tank. There are lots of healers who stay glued to dps and ignore the tank/s in their team entirely sadly. Just like how you see tons of Moiras who constantly DPS with her instead of healing. A fair amount of people who pick healer probably don’t even technically want to heal and don’t care though.

Healer is almost always the last pick from my experience if I’m not the one doing the healing. Nothing stops the 5 people immediately locking dps and then ignoring what the others chose entirely as if they don’t know they can hit the touch button to see what the team Comp is. I dunno why some people seem to think matches can be won with no healer or tank especially on maps where the choke has one or two tanks. It’s the worst f***ing feeling when you face Rein/Orisa on Hanamura and your team is made up of Genji, Soldier, McCree, Hanzo and Widow with most of them dying over and over because there’s no tank to protect anyone :/

User Info: AzaneAzer

3 months ago#5
People who don't heal me

User Info: Canned Toast

Canned Toast
3 months ago#6
I've been running into a lot of duos lately where they tie up a healer slot and contribute very little to the team because they are too busy trying to pocket their partner.

User Info: knuxnole

3 months ago#7
That’s why I never, ever, ever play healer

DPS 100%

Or I play brigitte where I never have to think about healing!
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User Info: kiba312

3 months ago#8
GRTooCool posted...
I think there's a huge difference between not actually knowing how to play as a healer and not giving a rats ass.

They usually come hand in hand. Some people just don't care about playing Healer and can't bother to learn the simple applications of being a Healer. Other people don't know how to play Healer and end up not caring because they'll make a fool of themselves if they try to play Healer.

Why else are there people screaming about how Mercy is the most braindead hero to play, but puberty suddenly hits them when you ask them to do a supposedly simple task and they go, "I don't know to play Mercy." It all comes down to ego and ignorance, two things that are plaguing this game.
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User Info: swordz9

3 months ago#9
Anyone who says they don’t know how to play Mercy just doesn’t actually want to play as Mercy. They might not be able to play her super well, but it isn’t exactly rocket science to press heal and be above total uselessness. Most people who say they don’t know how to play healer more than likely mean they just never play them because they never want to

User Info: BakusaiTenketsu

3 months ago#10
I honestly attribute most losses to overall team DPS not securing kills. Healers shouldn't be able to outpace a dps' output, and they shouldn't be expected to keep someone alive if the enemy team wants them dead.
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