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  3. orisa needs a buff, rein needs a buff

User Info: Soulexking49

3 months ago#1
for what they are designed to do they do it horribly. zarya and hog can withstand massive amounts of punishment. a good flank on rein and goatbot and ur done. a big slow guy in covered in body armor, specially if because hes a vet he should have a few bag of tricks. a robot fully made to be protective cant protect itself. mei isnt even a tank but is far more capable then than those two. dont get me wrong i love those chars but they could be more
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User Info: Edge_of_Ada

3 months ago#2
Agreed, Zarya's bubbles absorb far more damge than rien orisa or orisa bariers and mote health she has.
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User Info: Retroxgamer0

3 months ago#3
orisa needs a bigger cooldown on her bubble, and more offensive capabilities. right now shes so turtly, id like her to be more than that.

User Info: Prismsblade

3 months ago#4
Orisa is insanely hard to kill if their utilizing her abilitys properly, weaving inbetween her shields, fortify, and on top of her graviton charge to stall players and further weaken them down further before they can reach you or even just pull them off ledges

Rien is designed to protect others more so then himself, if your alone consistently and getting flanked non stop thats on your team, not rein as a character and you should probably swap. Same thing for orisa. Afterall, whats the point if they arent near you to help cover you and use your shield?
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User Info: leatherhead333

3 months ago#5
Personally the only thing Rein needs is boop resistance when he is swinging his hammer. Since he doesn't technically have a weapon to fire he can get booped max distance no matter what he does. Orisa barely moves when she's firing her gun while getting booped. I think Rein should get the same treatment.

Other than that I don't see what's wrong with him. He has a bit of an easier time in the Brig matchup especially since she will be doing less damage overall to him on the front line with the bash damage change. He also doesn't have to give up as much space to her. Also he's still pretty much the most popular Main tank so I don't get what people want Blizz to do. The best they should give him are QOL changes but straight up buffs would just make him even more popular than Orisa or Winston.

User Info: DarxWingDuck

3 months ago#6
Normally i would disagree... Orisa is my main tank especially on defense.


I'm super annoyed with bliz's ridiculous hate on the shield tanks lately.

Rework hanzo- loses tank busting ability for an even better tank busting ability

Torb rework - gets old ult turned into cool down ability, massive tank buster. Gets new ult... You guessed it, also a tank buster.

Sym rework- primary charges on shields. Who might that be? Orisa, Winston, rein, brig... 3/4 tanks

Ashe - doesn't even need an ability, her primary fire is fast and powerful... Absolutely wrecks tanks. Ult... Also used to bust tanks and force them out of position. Dynamite is basically an area denial cool down ability, mainly effects non-dive tanks.

Quality of life for less mobile tanks has certainly gone down.

User Info: BlackAmaterasu

3 months ago#7
Rein,the most picked tank needs a buff?

How sway?

User Info: Edge_of_Ada

3 months ago#8
BlackAmaterasu posted...
Rein,the most picked tank needs a buff?

How sway?

he dont aa much damage as zara
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User Info: vitalemrecords

3 months ago#9
Counterpoint: No and No
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User Info: Suspiria

3 months ago#10
Orisa does not need buffs on her shields. They can already be troublesome in certain areas of maps where an Orisa and Mercy are pocket shielding and healing a Bastion.

Zarya, however, does need an extra attack ability. Not something crazy, but maybe some type of melee attack.

As for Reinhardt, he doesn't really need any buffs or major changes really aside from fixing his still buggy Earthshatter. They just need to tone some of the DPS characters and CC games the hell down.
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