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  3. PSA: Zenyatta is a horrible choice for a solo-healer

User Info: DarxWingDuck

4 months ago#31
AzaneAzer posted...
DarxWingDuck posted...
This is literally the same as that other topic from a few days ago.

Imo the "best" support for soloing healing is moira/mercy/ana if there are 2+ tanks.
If there's only 1 tank, moira and lucio are the best.

I say best in quotes because we're talking about trying to make s*** sandwich and pretending its actually an edible sandwich.

Before somebody says "I've won with 1 support... Blah blah." Umm yeah, if the players on your team are simply more talented, you can win with just about anything. If teams are equally skilled, then you're going to get rolled with 1 support against a legit team comp, especially GOATS.

If there's only 1 support, the prob ain't Zen. The prob is you have a team full of arrogant idiots. If you want to try to make the best of a bad situation, i recommend my support selections i mentioned above... But make no mistake about it... If there's 1 support and it's Zen, the last person to blame here is Zen.

My entire angle is maximizing what you have.

Just because you're in a s***ty situation doesn't mean you cant turn it into a win occasionally. Losing those borderline games is the difference that might hold someone stubborn down an entire weight class.

Breaking down the other topic "Even if I'd win as Mercy, Id rather lose as Zenyatta" can be broken down to "I'd rather lose and be right than win and be wrong" - Which is why I f***ing hate that mindset.

Blk_Mage_Ctype posted...
Folks can go on and on about how other Healers are statistically better than Zenyatta, but I personally do better and accomplish more as Zenyatta than I do any other Healer.

It gets down to basic math, that 30 HPS isn't going to hold up an entire team, Even when Zens the 2nd healer, there's sometimes discussion on if his HPS compliments the other Pure support. (especially with how nerfing supports every patch has been a trend for 2 years straight now).

You can be a good Zen, and do twice your weight in kills, but your team running with 30 HPS is a pure handicap.

Yeah we're like 98% in agreement here. I will always try to make the best fit for whatever the team needs.

Personally i will never try to solo heal as Zen because I know better and I'm just as good or better with primary healers anyways.

I do sympathize a little with the argument that "Zen is my best"... Most players are not equally proficient with all characters... Although it seems unlikely with Zen because he's arguably the highest skill floor of all supports.

User Info: DarxWingDuck

4 months ago#32
Vulcan422 posted...
Zen is barely even a healer. He only exist for debuffs and as an extra DPS.

Cough* best ult in the game cough*

User Info: Vulcan422

4 months ago#33
Best Ult in the game is B.O.B.
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User Info: psuedospike

4 months ago#34
If you want to win you learn to flex and the idea that playing and being able to play multiple heroes is actually not only what the game is about but makes it more fun for the more experienced player...too bad the game is ruined by no role queue to keep all the sweaty try hard dps kiddies out there from ruining comp.

Bottom line, TC picked the only healer out of 6 players, he deserves a round of applause, not a whiney tantrum of beratment by you.
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