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User Info: R_Jackal

3 months ago#21
people so mad about brigitte when she's so easy to get around, and yet doomfist is still a thing

User Info: angry_cowtipper

3 months ago#22
If the hook doesn't go through barriers, neither should the bash. She will still be invaluable for flankers and fighting up close.
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User Info: BlueBoy675

3 months ago#23
Good. As a Rein main this is the worst it's ever been. Can't go 10 seconds without getting stunned/hacked/frozen. One less potential stun is good with me
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User Info: Wasabi_Syn

3 months ago#24
I'll enjoy playing tanks again. 😀
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User Info: Prismsblade

3 months ago#25
This isnt a big deal honestly, she can still just frail at him till he eventually lowers his shield and bash him them.

Although a good buff would be reducing the cool down on her ranged heal if they want her more focused there then on the front lines.
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User Info: Impavid54

3 months ago#26
I can't believe people actually b****ed enough to run brig into the ground. A lot of these posts are just from people who can't be arsed enough to put effort in and actually get good at the game and instead whine until characters who are balanced get nerfed anymore
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User Info: snowboarderkid6

3 months ago#27
Suspiria posted...
valikkster posted...
swordz9 posted...
I never did think it made any sense why Rein would get stunned just from Brig bashing his shield. Who would’ve guessed Brigitte would turn into the most hated character

Next to junkrat, she probably is the one character that takes the single smallest amount of skill to get the highest amount of productivity in slot. It stands to reason that people generally don't like her.

You mean Hanzo.

And no, before anyone tries to get cute, don't come in here trying to debate with me how Hanzo takes skill to use.. No, he doesn't.

She needs a savini killer skin for her I'd pay 5 bucks for it what about u @suspiria
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User Info: Blk_Mage_Ctype

3 months ago#28
So, is there anyone left who wishes to argue that Blizzard is not in fact balancing the game based on feedback from the lowest common denominator?

It's honestly downright comical at this point to think that Blizzard is still trying to push this game as an eSport, yet their balance decisions seem to be based entirely on the whims of the lowest common denominator with absolutely no consideration for the effects said tweaks will have on the overall viability of the Hero in question.
Seriously, regardless of whether they're buffing, nerfing, or reworking a Hero, their biggest concern seems to be less about actually balancing said Hero, but rather how the community at large will respond to the changes they've made, seemingly unaware of the fact that it has stripped the game of any credibility as an eSport.

Oh well, just keep throwing money at promoting it as an eSport and rely on folks who are easily impressed by flashy gameplay to spend money on gaudy OWL skins, OWL Passes, and cheering with Bits on Twitch. Forget folks who actually care about competitive gaming, it's much easier to just add as much flashy, screen-obscuring visual clutter as possible than it is to actually balance the game.
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User Info: Edge_of_Ada

3 months ago#30
HHAHAHHA told my friend

"WTF THATS BULLs***. It was prbly all the p**** reins complaining"
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