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User Info: Rareware0192

6 months ago#1

- Take a Breather can now be used on allies by going near them and pressing the Interact button. Take a Breather can still be used on self by pressing the regular ability button.
- Hog’s hook can now work on allies too, it won’t deal any damage but can be used to pull allies away from bad positioning, or to quickly chain into a Take a Breather for quick healing.
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User Info: Edge_of_Ada

6 months ago#2
hahahaha oh god the hog teamkills.
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User Info: ThalenTweel

6 months ago#3
Hanzo as support. Healing arrows like Ana.

It's so sad how much better he'd be in the role.
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User Info: Vulcan422

6 months ago#4

-Remove default passive healing.
-Ultimate no longer grants her teammates healing or armor. Instead, it increases their speed and damage output by 50%.

That's it.
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User Info: Terenigma

6 months ago#5
Lucio DPS:

- Changing songs no longer increases speed, it slows enemies and instead of healing, he now drains the heath of enemies in range
- Amp it up inceases the effect of the debuffs
- Ultimate now stuns and knocks enemies to the ground and no longer says "lets break it down" it says "lets break your legs"
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User Info: Blaeu

6 months ago#6
Mercy as Tank:

- Allow her to heal herself.
- Auto-resurrect on herself if off cooldown.
- Powerboost herself to generate a shield.
- She can Guardian Angel to herself to fly in circles. While flying in circles she can use voice lines.
- She can shoot herself so she can generate Ult charge by causing damage and healing herself in a corner somewhere.
- Her Ult changes to "Sit Down" which causes all players on the enemy team to use their sit down emote.
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User Info: Pootbird

6 months ago#7
Doomfist as Tank:
- 200 health, 200 shields. Passive can give another 100 barriers.
- Siesmic slam doesn't launch Doomfist forward and can only be done from the ground, but has much bigger range and fixed damage of 50.
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User Info: UragaanaDie

6 months ago#8
Zen as dps
-finger guns to increase rate of fire of the orbs
-karmic imbalance to get a second discord orb instead of the harmony orb
-karate kicks are lethal to the head
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User Info: CMax

6 months ago#9
Junkrat as Pacifist, I mean Support

-Primary Fire deals burst healing - direct hits heal more versus three-bounce detonations. 3-4 ammo capacity.
-Mine 1 explodes into a healing mist that lingers briefly on the map - no damage to enemies. (reduced to one)
-Mine 2 explodes into a poison mist that lingers briefly on a map - area denial
-Steel Trap removed

....so he’s sorta like an Aussie Ana....

Honestly I just thought of this for the potential interactions with the other Support characters...
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User Info: guncaddy

6 months ago#10
Support Sombra.

Hacking teammates causes most abilities to come off cooldown faster. Let’s say hack takes 5 seconds off a cooldown. EMP would reduce cooldown by 10 seconds and give 5% ult charge to teammates.
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