Voice chat is messed up

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User Info: Nathbuds123

2 months ago#1
Ifs now super loud and distorted. Makes playing with voice chat almost impossible. I love this game, but is it too much to ask for just 1 update without and bugs or glitches? Sometimes I really have to question Blizzards quality control.
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User Info: C_Cole14

2 months ago#2
Yes same thing here!!
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User Info: deafmidget69

2 months ago#3
Strange how this isn't a bigger deal, but from what I've heard, its affected other people and they are trying to fix it.

User Info: darkmoonbeam

2 months ago#4
How does this even happen
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User Info: SheaStoned

2 months ago#5
It's actually better then what most of you sound like on the mic.
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User Info: DarthVaper

2 months ago#6
SheaStoned posted...
It's actually better then what most of you sound like on the mic.

This is why nobody likes you.

User Info: leatherhead333

2 months ago#7
This has been an issue for others as well? I seriously just thought that I had some people being dicks purposefully talking close to their mics. Had 3 games like that in comp and literally couldn't use voice chat at all or my ears would explode.

User Info: Peterass

2 months ago#8
Go to sound settings an change voice chat volume from 100 to 50.. It will fix the problem for now
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User Info: cloud0123

2 months ago#9
Yup happened to us too

User Info: guncaddy

2 months ago#10
So it wasn’t just those three being pricks...
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