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User Info: DexterTheThird

11 months ago#1
Is current Brigitte balanced well? - Results (138 votes)
Blatantly Overpowered: she desperately needs toning down before next season
12.32% (17 votes)
Slightly Overpowered: she's got a few key advantages, but nothing too gamebreaking
30.43% (42 votes)
Balanced: she's exactly where she needs to be, with good strengths and exploitable weaknesses
49.28% (68 votes)
Slightly Underpowered: she can't stand up too well in coordinated play, but gets by
5.8% (8 votes)
Blatantly Underpowered: she desperately needs some help before next season
2.17% (3 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Legit question at this point. We've had here for almost a month I think, and I'm partially curious and partially terrified to see what she'll bring to the comp meta when she debuts next season.

I'll save my opinion for later, after seeing some good arguments from other posters.
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User Info: AzaneAzer

11 months ago#2
Shes balanced, she has plenty of counters, and only fits incertain comps.

She fits fine in between the other healers.

User Info: Death_Master911

11 months ago#3
Aside from Shield Bash dealing a decent amount of damage she's balanced.
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User Info: GRTooCool

11 months ago#4
Shield Bash needs like a 2-3 second longer cooldown time. Other than that, she's okay.
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User Info: geertmatthys

11 months ago#5
If you tone down her shield bash, she becomes just trash again and Tracer has her way even more

User Info: IrReN

11 months ago#6
She's fine. She's free to Pharah, Junkrat (two very popular picks) and Sombra and can't do a lot from a certain range.

Probably more useful on attack and KotH than anywhere else.

User Info: ShadianVise

11 months ago#7
Somewhat between balanced and slightly OP. The only thing that needs to be toned down is the shield bash, but she should receive a buff to healing to compensate.
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User Info: clone11

11 months ago#8
Her stun needs hit box nerf. The hit box is just a little too big.

But other than that she's a great addition

Edit: however I don't want a huge nerf like Doomfists. It just slightly too big.
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User Info: Raichi

11 months ago#9
She's fine. The only thing that need adjustments is the shieldbash hitbox which has been proven to hit enemies even when you are not directly hitting them. Other than that she's ok.
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User Info: Jazzy_Jeff

11 months ago#10
Initially, she seemed overpowered until I remembered Junkrat and Pharah exist.

In my case, I usually try to engage while having aerial superiority, a high ground, or just insane burst to take her, which is a pretty fair trade considering the utility she brings to the table. I think it's fair that I need to invest work to counter her. Her CC and mobility allow her to hold against a frontal assault and the typical flank, so you can't just take her like Rein. Though she can be frustrating to play against, she's nothing that coordinated team-play and certain picks can't counter.

She doesn't play like a typical Support and actually has the utility to be an off-tank. I think the players that will think she's in need of a nerf will be DPS players that refuse to adjust their approach and simply try to melt her like Rein. She clearly surpasses him in that regard and hence, warrants the use of a different style or approach to counter her. Nothing wrong with that.

I do believe, however, that her Shield Bash's hit-box and stun will receive nerfs.
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