When is it a good time to blame team mates and not yourself?

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User Info: kkTheKiller42

4 months ago#1
Every post i see that complains about bad teams is always met with "maybe ur just bad" "git gud" etc. I can at least admit to when am i playing pretty awful in a conp match, but what about when you repeatedly kill enemies as dps, but can't take the point, what if you tank all the damage but your team still dies, same for healers, what if you stay alive and keep everyone healed up, but they still end up getting killed often and you end up losing?

Just a thought, since i've heard the "you're just bad, git gud" argument on this board and other boards thousands of times. I want to hear the argument of when you really can just blame team mates.
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User Info: BakusaiTenketsu

4 months ago#2
I'm guessing when you are playing Mercy and no one on your team was dying so long as you were alive, and you also have 5 Gold Medals. That might be a good time to blame your team and not yourself.

User Info: clone11

4 months ago#3
There's lots of good times to blame your teammates. The problem is that people will blame others whether it's right or wrong.

Sometimes you have a three stack playing like it's tdm in cod. Sometimes you just suck.
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User Info: Android_18

4 months ago#4
Well, your team definitely deserves the blame, if they ruin the team composition (everyone switching off healers and tanks) Ignoring the payload at crucial times, (such as overtime) overextending, etc.

I had the 1st two happen to me in a comp match, and I gotta say... s*** is infuriating.

User Info: SShocker

4 months ago#5
4 gold Orisa on a team with Bastion and Reaper, #feelsbadman. Didn't help A) our Bastion refused to play from behind the shield so he kept getting hooked and B) we had a 19% win-rate Widow doing nothing (when we were attacking, the other team had a Bastion as well, but no shields for him, yet there he was, unaffected by Widow).
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User Info: Blaeu

4 months ago#6
When your team locks in 5 DPS, blame them all for terrible team comp. When they all set up FAR too close on defense, blame your team. When your teammate picks Hanzo, blame them.

Just remember, every team will have a weakest link and no one wants to be that guy. Just try to remember, we are all that guy at some point.

Also, sometimes a team just doesn't have good synergy and nothing you do, or anything they try, fixes it.
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User Info: Mako_Sharknado

4 months ago#7
Never. It ain't that they're never at fault, 's that ultimately it likely won't amount ta anything, so you should instead just focus on yerself'n givin' props ta teammates who do well

Actually iunno if I'd be that absolute about it. Sometimes ya needa just blow off steam or destress by puttin' the blame on yer team. If that helps keep ya goin' then I guess that can be p productive for some peeps

's just how I approach it tho'n I'm bad at the game so I prolly shouldn't even be givin' advice ta anybody. 'm just kinda tired'a this nebulous collection'a "teammates" who're all bad, moronic, toxic, Hanzo/Widow/Genji one-tricks who blare rap music over their headset'n're eight years old'n do nothin' while I have 5 gold medals as the selfless tank/support who should totally be playin' the carry DPS

User Info: Vulcan422

4 months ago#8
-When your DPS aren't killing anyone, or the characters that they counter.
-When your Tanks aren't shielding anyone or recklessly attack away from their team.
-When your Healers are out of position or are sticking to select teammates.
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User Info: AzaneAzer

4 months ago#9

Even when Im playing amazing and losing because of teammates, I can still find things to blame myself for and improve.

Going down the "Teammates all suck" path is super slippery, and you stop growing as a player and become super complacent. If I'm criticizing myself, I don't get mad and I keep improving.

Plus, Blaming teammates just makes them play worse, because the finger pointing game is always a s***show. It feels like some people just randomly choose somebody to complain about when losing, and then they ensure the loss once the tilting blame game begins (Some people do it before the door even opens)

User Info: Code_Geass_CC

4 months ago#10
When you pick support, and the rest of the team picks DPS, namely Widowmaker and Hanzo, with maybe one other teammate thankfully going tank. You can control how you play, and you can adjust to compensate for a teammate's pick, but only so far and so successfully before it's no longer your fault.

If you're one of those DPS players above, I don't care if you have the gold medals, if you don't switch then you're at least partly to blame no matter what.
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