How do you play as a team?

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User Info: Blaeu

10 months ago#1
I just bought this game (when the anniversary sale was going) and I'm currently ranked Gold. I think I played four matches tonight, and we got stomped on each one. I know my individual skill is good (I'm gold rank, it's gold good), but I have no idea how to pull a team together.

Take Hollywood as an example. We could NOT take that payload point. We didn't even come close. Then, on defense, we just get jumped on and die. It was then that I figured I should go to sleep so work would come sooner and I could have more fun...

There's too much of a difference between watching pro teams play and what I experience. Not sure what wins in Gold. Enlighten me.
"We do not stop playing because we get old, we get old because we stop playing." -- George Bernard Shaw

User Info: Vulcan422

10 months ago#2
Sorry to say but when you're in Gold you're basically playing Quick Play but with more than one round. No one wants to try so you're forced to carry them with DPS, which is an extremely hard task in a game such as this.

Fun Fact: ELO Hell used to be Platinum before they changed the ranking system. Now it's Gold.
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User Info: Goldar

10 months ago#3
Soldier + pocket Mercy

As a new player and at a rank like gold, that will do more for you then PharMercy. Just make sure the Soldier can aim. If his weapon accuracy is below 40-50%, it's not worth the bother.

User Info: Korppi123

10 months ago#4
This is too big of a question for anyone to answer here.. just play play and play and watch guides, pro matches etc. After 500 hours you will slowly get it.

User Info: T0rped0

10 months ago#5
Lots of movement, coordinate on mics if possible, shields, push, ult combo, stuff like that.
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User Info: Mforz

10 months ago#6
If I learnt something from Video Games (Mainly one called Fire Emblem Awakening) is that two is better than one. Always try to be with one or more teammates, and avoid being alone unless it's a very specific situation or you are Tracer Idk. But like Zarya says together we strong.
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User Info: Deimir

10 months ago#7
When I want to play as a team, I just hook up some extra controllers. Takes some practice but that's why you have all those hands and feet
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User Info: EvolutionBaby

10 months ago#8
The best advice anyone can give you right now is to stop playing Competitive for now. As someone else said, Gold plays no different than Quick Play. Because of that, I would honestly stick to Quick Play and use it to practice with several characters (see which ones you like, get a really good handle of their mechanics, etc.).

Avoiding Competitive for a while may suck, but in the long run it's the best thing you can do for your rank.

When you do start playing Competitive again (I'd honestly wait until the next season if you can), try to duo with a friend that you can trust to consistently do well. Having at least one teammate that you know you can count on goes a long way.
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