How to counter godly snipers?

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User Info: afroperson76

10 months ago#1
So recently, I've been having trouble dealing with Snipers(Hanzo and Widow) on defense maps. They just 1HKO every character I'm comfortable with playing as(Tracer, Zenyatta, Pharah, Ana, Mercy).

Usally I play Tracer to kill all support heroes(Kill mercy = easy wins), but sometimes snipers may get in my way of doing that.

What's a good hero to play as to deal with snipers on defense? I'm ready to learn how to try tanks and other defense heroes. I love Roadhog, but I'm not used to his alternate fire yet, although I do know it is just as capable of dishing out high damage just like Hook + primary fire.

Any advice?
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User Info: Daniel_Maku

10 months ago#2
Sombra is a good counter for snipers: you can cloak to sneak in, hack, then unload onto them. Even if you don't kill them, you'll weaken them and force them to move.

User Info: LivingInPapaya

10 months ago#3

What you want is Winston.
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User Info: shadowsfall42

10 months ago#4
Winston. Jump on them melee, zap them to death. Don't forget to pop down a shield. Widow can grapple away but your jump is like half the cd of her grapple. Hanzo can kill you quickly if he doesn't panic which he probably will.

Genji too.
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User Info: dinit 7

dinit 7
10 months ago#5 works too
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User Info: h_durao

10 months ago#6
Another sniper

We all love widow battles
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User Info: Eretrad

10 months ago#7
LivingInPapaya posted...

What you want is Winston.

Best answer, but I'll add an Ana or Zarya backing you up depending on SR level and your skill with him.

User Info: LordYondaime

10 months ago#8
Yeah Winston destroys snipers. They almost always are isolated away from their team so you can dive in and take them out before they should be able to do anything. Hanzo can be a bit of a problem if he lands a scatter arrow, so I'll usually wait until I see him use it so I know it's on cooldown, then dive. No chance.
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User Info: GREEN00

10 months ago#9
Sombra, Genji, Winston

I prefer Sombra because it's just so satisfying to go invisible, get behind them, and empty a clip into the back of their head before they realize what's happening.
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User Info: JamaicaMistake

10 months ago#10
Winston does not counter Widow.

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