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User Info: Eretrad

2 years ago#1
Pretty much every game I've noticed something. If my or the other team doesn't push the payload all the way on attack, whether they're 2ft or 2 miles from the finish line, it's pretty much guaranteed someone will pick Bastion on the defense turn.

Why is this?

User Info: kuragari1anonly

2 years ago#2
They want to win?
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User Info: jnsn87

2 years ago#3
I've noticed this as well...its kinda like it's an 'oh s***' tactic or something, as if bastion is the secret weapon that will save them the game...

I've also noticed that it happens mostly on Route 66's final stretch....
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User Info: Shadow_Luffy

2 years ago#4
If the defending team switches in Mei, Bastion, maybe Junkrat, and/or Torb, I take it as a sign they've gotten desperate for that win. Nothing wrong with it, they're playing to win. But it gives me a smirk when it happens none the less.
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User Info: rahmed51387

2 years ago#5
Because they are using Bastion for what he actually is... a heavy damage dealing sentry turret. Especially if they pick a squat spot or sit on the payload and protect it by mowing down the other team.
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User Info: strife_37916

2 years ago#6
Damn people switching tactics trying to win.


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User Info: atma6

2 years ago#7
Panic surprise Bastion is a legitimate tactic that can really pay off. Actually, it's about the only good use for Bastion most of the time.
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User Info: CamelJames28

2 years ago#8
If the other team does bad I'll usually play the characters that I cant afford to normally play otherwise.

I'll bring out Widow, Ana, Torb, Bastion if I think we're gonna win no matter what I play.
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User Info: phantom_arcane5

2 years ago#9
There have been a few times I've switched to Bastion on Payload Defence, and it worked like a charm. The enemies spend the whole match fighting the same heroes, and all of a sudden, they turn into swiss cheese.
It's incredibly useful against teams with a few tanks.

Probably best to switch off after the first death or ultimate is used though.
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User Info: RicherThanRich

2 years ago#10
I've actually seen it work really well quite a few times, but I agree, it is funny. It just feels desperate.
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