Looking For More Overwatch Friends

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User Info: bobthebobber123

2 years ago#81
have mic, getting the game tomorrow, going to add everyone either tonight or tomorrow

User Info: Caiahar

2 years ago#82
I don't have a mic but my PSN is Caiahar
I am not accepted by the light, nor the darkness. I am a warrior of the Shadows. Those who keep balance between light and dark....uhm..

User Info: Ddeathscythe

2 years ago#83
Lil_basedgod93 will be on all day today. I like to win so let's play your hardest

User Info: jsmaster72

2 years ago#84
I have a mic and play every day for at a least 4 hours. Feel free to send a friend request my gt is GermanMonster72.

User Info: NoctisSiIentium

2 years ago#85
i guess i'll post my info here.

my psn is kagesadaa, and since i saw some people posting their character prefs, i'll do that, too.

offense: genji (or whoever out of the offense column goes best with the situation. my best is genji, though, by far.)
defense: junkrat or mei. sometimes bastion.
tank: reinhardt or winston.
support: any of 'em but symmetra.
i don't know what to put here

User Info: seoulspirit

2 years ago#86
Little known fact (because he's too humble) but Zero is (or at least was a couple days ago) the #2 Zenyatta player on PS4
"Begs the question... is there some poor staffer tasked with following up on [Overwatch porn] search hits for this?" - TheKokopelli

User Info: oORyuumaruOo

2 years ago#87
I'd like to play as well! Add MrSeizo.

I'd say I'm about average; I'm kind of all over the place with what characters I use but most of the time I prefer Mei.
PSN: MrSeizo
Currently addicted to Overwatch :)

User Info: ZeroOption

2 years ago#88
Added everybody! I'll also give myself the plug on the topic and say i've created a Community on PSN for all the objective focused and friendly players i've met so far; it's called Overwatch: Professional Noobs.

I have a habit of sending at least one invite to new friends on my list so they at least have the opportunity to join if they'd like to.
EDIT: I'd also like to add the community is open to all players, no invites are required to become a member, nor do you have to be an amazing player. I'm happy to group up with anybody who's friendly and plays the game with the objective in mind.

seoulspirit posted...
Little known fact (because he's too humble) but Zero is (or at least was a couple days ago) the #2 Zenyatta player on PS4

And Seoul, you're too kind xD Didn't know I had shot that far up back then, think i've dropped a few spots now haha.

User Info: zhutto

2 years ago#89
Sorry guys for not being able to use the mic, there's baby and wife asleep when i had the chance to play lol. But i'm all ears man, cant wait for tonight #everyone i played with ,zero,seoul,rudino, etc XD
PSN : Kumaci

User Info: Wlc22

2 years ago#90

Yeah, this isn't my main account, the phone with that one is acting up.
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