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User Info: Biggs_Yamato

3 years ago#1
I'd love to try playing some games with people online, but that probably won't happen without coordinating outside of the game. So, post your PSN here and perhaps any other way you'd prefer to be contacted so we can set up some games!

PSN: Lodrak

Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Lodrak

Location: USA, South Dakota

May be worth making a Steam or Facebook group, if anyone else is interested...

User Info: Tasched

3 years ago#2
Oddly when I first played I found a match using "Quick Match" although it was me and one other guy.

But I haven't found another match since, and would love a full room.

My PSN is "Tasched".

User Info: WakuWakuSeven

3 years ago#3
Oh, hey Tasched. I was that "other guy", good game btw.

Seconding that Steam Group idea too, this game has some absolutely asinine trophy requirements (100 quick game wins, 920! total games played), so for anyone that has any dreams of getting the platinum, it might be necessary to set up some kind of group for this game.

Anyway, PSN is in my sig. Feel free to add me.
PSN: enjionPS / 3DS: 4055 - 3399 - 0682

User Info: Brocken_Jr

3 years ago#4
i think the community is way to small for a group, this board is ours XD
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User Info: Izanagidonutz

3 years ago#5
PSN is Izanagidonutz. Honestly want to see how it's even played online lol
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