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User Info: Supernat98

8 months ago#41
Magnetronous posted...
Connor is hawt. I'd have him do me... things.

Red_Rosemon posted...
Connor. I have a different kind of deviancy for him to investigate.
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User Info: kira09

8 months ago#42

User Info: Seymour_Natus

8 months ago#43
I don’t know the model number, but the one Carl bought after he lost Marcus.

User Info: k3g4

8 months ago#44
I would by a Kara. She cooks and cleans and is fully equipped to perform other duties as well according to the lore.
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User Info: xOmniCloudx

8 months ago#45
I LOVE the soulness of the Kamski Chloes. It's just so stunningly beautiful how they look like supermodel gorgeous women but are still entirely robotic even when they see identical models among. This doesn't change even when one shot is shot in the face as they go on without a care in the world. They'll stay gorgeous and soulless like that forever. So Kamski Chloes especially. However, main menu Chloe actually will reset herself if you say no to letting her become a deviant. Chloe is too perfect a waifu fembot to ever let go or have just one. Kamski had the right idea in having MINIMUM 3.
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User Info: ssjgohhku

8 months ago#46
The one that makes my pants the hardest.

User Info: Phantasia_fan

8 months ago#47
lol! Poor Simon...
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User Info: GetMagnaCarter

8 months ago#48
I would follow my compass
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User Info: progamer2290

8 months ago#49
ssjgohhku posted...
Haha Kara and Chloe winning by landslide, people want sex robots after all.

sex, cooking, cleaning, and someone cute to talk to!
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User Info: AnimalBoy82

8 months ago#50
AX400 (Kara)
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