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  3. I'm pretty happy with the gil changes!

User Info: dabomb3000

1 week ago#1
Are you happy with the gil changes Gumi made?

What you guys think?
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User Info: Animestar5000

1 week ago#2
Yep! Gil was always running low with me because of awakening abilities and units. Got a couple of units still waiting to be 7* so I can get their STMR's lol But this will make it nice and easy now :3
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User Info: Seifer05

1 week ago#3
Pretty happy considering they probably wouldn’t have done this if not for the Gil tower snafu.

I was one of the players that didn’t get to capitalize on that. And while I’m good on gil for quite a while thanks to the anniversary KM events. I’ll take more for where I can get it easily.
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User Info: NadSergi

1 week ago#4
Actually this is better than I thought, so I'm happy. I'd be more happy I had more Gil maps but I got the towers so I can't complain UU^

User Info: LordHelios

1 week ago#5
Yeah thnx a******s at Gimu just after using all my gil maps already just now you're increasing it to 5x tower snappers a run. You really know how to annoy.
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This is just damage control after the mess with the bug, but ehh... I'm cool with it. This helps people like me who missed out on the bug + newbies that never had the chance to get those GS towers have more gil to use.

Though yeah, RIP to anyone that used their gil maps already.
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I've always sat at around 60 - 80m gil so this whole thing didn't affect me, but the changes seem ok. I still think spending resources to get gil (lapis, daily coins etc) are an absolute trap and should be avoided, but the half price awakening and alterations to snappers etc is a good gesture.

A step in the right direction and it should help people out.
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User Info: ChaozCloud

1 week ago#8
What did they do?
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User Info: Rumar

1 week ago#9
I still have like 50 Gil maps so... yup, I'm good :D

User Info: Ricemills

1 week ago#10
happy for the change, even if though I used like 20-30 gil maps this week.

but still don't recovered my trust on Gumi, f*** them.
give me step up or other bonuses for summon, and we're talking.
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  3. I'm pretty happy with the gil changes!
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