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User Info: Renkencen

3 weeks ago#1
When it come to noticable units, the 4 tickets got me

1 Illusion Nichol
1 White Witch Fina
2nd Morgana

Probably my worst pulls out of the tickets so far (at least the 1st ticket got me 4th King Rain and 1st Wizardess Shanatto)

User Info: ChaozCloud

3 weeks ago#2
ChaozCloud posted...
Era I
#1: Awakened Onion Knight
#2: Nothing
#3: Nothing
#4: Nothing
#5: Nothing

Era II
#1: Esther #6
#2: Dark Spirit Sol
#3: Nothing
#4: Madam Edel #4
#5: Nothing

#1: Trash
#2: Trash
#3: Kaito #4
#4: Sylvie #6
#5: TBD

I have no hope for the last ticket. But at least two pretty good STMRs overall is something.
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User Info: Diirk

3 weeks ago#3
I feel odd, my pulls were objective really good (for a change), and yet simultaneously useless in the short term...

3rd MM Xon
3rd Kaito
5th Morgana
1st Hallowed Aegis Charlotte (from the login bonus Next Era II ticket)

Odd number unit pulls feel kinda bad.

User Info: NadSergi

3 weeks ago#4
Crap as usual
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User Info: p3pdrake

3 weeks ago#5
I'm sure i'm still the only one who hasn't gotten a rainbow in these tickets

110 pulls so far without a rainbow. Not expecting anything from the log-in ticket anymore. Lol thank you gumi!

Is there a last batch for next week? Don't remember
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User Info: Ricemills

3 weeks ago#6
1st Sylvie
2nd Malphasie
3rd Tsukiko

what s disappointment
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User Info: DynoClimber

3 weeks ago#7
4x trash

User Info: SSJPabs

3 weeks ago#8
Ouch. That's rough. What can you even do with Morganna? I have 5. My draws:

  1. Circe #4 (STMR with some element resist)
  2. Trash
  3. Sylvie #6, Levinson #1 (used 100% raid TMR mog)
  4. Trash
3* Ex Ticket got me Gunner Yuna #1. Unit is meh but I like Gunner Yuna the character a lot.

Too stupid to be BAF2P(BTW)
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User Info: Songi

3 weeks ago#9
4 tickets:

Tsukiko #3
MM Xon #5

Everything is outdated in this pool. I mean, I guess for those unlucky bastards who still need MM Xon, it's not complete and utter garbage.
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User Info: The_Sol_Blader

3 weeks ago#10
AbsoIuteIy nothing this time. I guess it's fine, wouIdn't have wanted stinky gIogs cIogging my unit Iist
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