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  3. Better magic tank P Cecil or Lucas?

User Info: Reaper_ExE

1 week ago#11
RamonConejo posted...
And I thought that Lucas looked cool.. Lucas is that giant robo right? Yes his design is like a big trash container but.. For God sake He's a 🤖, it's not as OP as the one in the classic Lost in Space series though..
I respectfully disagree


This robot was best, augmented controls >>>>>>>>>>>> everything else
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User Info: Irony

1 week ago#12
ShadowGirlxox posted...
Lilith better than both imo.
Lilith is way worse than both
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User Info: kingfencer

1 week ago#13
p cecil is best in the game. i don't know what i would do without him. too broken
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User Info: LordBurl

1 week ago#14
Considering I have neither, I dont feel qualified to vote in this poll.
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User Info: DerDoDo

1 week ago#15
Tin man is so bad even the glex geeks have abandoned him.
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User Info: Shnightmare

1 week ago#16
Cecil is the leader of all FF main protagonists, and the standard bearer of FF. Lucas is nothing.
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cecil is just the overall better magic tank
lucas is strong enough for all content as well though. reason enough to not upgrade cecil for now.
Also lucas has some nice niche stuff like aoe imbue/imperil for dark visions

JP's next magic tank is a joke to both though and i don't think gumi will buff him. unfortunately we also know that gumi loves their magic tanks and we will likely get a new glex tank soon. and then this whole glex ftw s*** will go on
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User Info: Miss_Chen

1 week ago#18
Irony posted...
Lucas sucks

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User Info: NadSergi

1 week ago#19
In my opinion Cecil is better. Lucas has better "offensive" skills but imbues are something that you can get better by the same DPS, by equipping elemental weapons or by other supports like Sylvie. Cecil is all about defense and, as long as he doesn't die, he is better at keeping the party safe all turns. I like that he can cover and provoke on the same turn regardless of the mode: it saves you a slot to avoid passive provoke builds (or even more if you are new) while not leaving you totally helpless on dispel turns.
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User Info: LordHelios

1 week ago#20
Caliberpoo posted...
No contest , Lucas is way better
Indeed. And TC just made this topic because I was talking about Lucas yesterday. My spiritual waters notified me 🤡

Also, this voting only shows to me those plebs who voted Pecil don't own Lucas rofl, because else they would've known the True power of Glex ftw Lucas 💪
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