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  3. Lack of content dragging me down again...

User Info: JThon

1 week ago#11
Have you done all the Madam's mannor quest up to purple slabs?
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User Info: Akeva

1 week ago#12
HarmoniousTerra posted...
Everything is easy lulz lolz. Time to all quit playing this game unless Gimu gives us what we need.... SOMETHING GOOD 🤡
You are not wrong.

The most fun I have ever had was the original Malboro trial.
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User Info: moot_sg

1 week ago#13
Suits my pace just fine. I don’t feel like doing difficult content at the moment.
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That and content is all repetitive, felt like it for a long while now.
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User Info: Songi

1 week ago#15
Wave/Elemental Battle events make me hate the game everytime they show up. Can we please go a month or two without them showing up please?
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User Info: kingfencer

1 week ago#16
I really don't like the king MOG. Seems like u have to grind forever. And no tickets.
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User Info: kalvinang

1 week ago#17
Yeah i know how you feel, there a lot content gumi can add.
Latent skill for old 5* unit, FFT series boss fight, Steel Castle special for overdue tmr weapon & etc.

If you haven't done all of the chamber of the vengeful extra missions, now is a good time. Beating LGD Armaeggedon is more work for me than Lich, Stag and Iron Giant o_O
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User Info: joetex72

6 days ago#19
I think they are doing this because they have a lot planned for the Chinese New Year.
Silfurbor_Negla posted...
Might just ask here for stamina burning

Any easy setup for LGD armeggedon that freed up 1 slot to rotate?
Well ended up find 2 free slot rotation

AI katty magic cover with catastrophic set
Sylvie passive provoke evasion, holy wand, cura on esper
Free slot 1 pod153 (for repair)
Free slot 2 ignis note (for 2k heal)
Friend esther

Turn 1 both free slot unit repair and heal to make sure the esthers have enough hp to survive the random AoE phys
On crossing 60% thershold sylvie LB then next turn dual cast dispel cura then AI katty break again, both esther using the hp mp heal while waiting for the egg mitigation
Rest is just esther dps job
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  3. Lack of content dragging me down again...
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