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  3. Lack of content dragging me down again...

User Info: Akeva

1 week ago#1
I have left the game for extended periods twice now....the same old grind is starting to get to me again. Caught up with all the trails again...

Is it just me or does new content seem to be coming at a much slower pace? I was really excited about the prospect of the chamber of the vengeful..I really enjoy those trials...but its been over three months since are last one. Anyone know if the trials will pick up soon based on JP? Sad that I enjoy this game, but not enough to keep me logging in daily....
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User Info: SSJPabs

1 week ago#2
We are way behind on JP trials IIRC. We should have had Shinryu, Soul Palace, and I think one more.

They should also have unlocked another 50 unit in the CoV.
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User Info: Da1N02

1 week ago#3
Another SBB is coming this week but hell there's still a bit of content I haven't done and I never left lol

I'm essentially caught up on trials.. just have lightning tyrant to do but that's only because I haven't had a lot of time to do it but I still have a bit of story and Madam's Manor I still need to do

What keeps me playing is tinkering with units and when I get into a lull.. do the bare minimum and call it a day.. don't miss out on the free stuff

Also Dark Visions is pretty soon as well
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User Info: ShadowGirlxox

1 week ago#4
Not sure what you expect from a f2p mobile game. For me there is lots of things to do.

User Info: Sinamoi

1 week ago#5
need to catch up too, but lazy/better games and every time I'm in the mood all the Zyrus's on my FL are garbo :<
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User Info: Jaeger562

1 week ago#6
I feel like the rewards are not worth it anymore. The trials get harder and more complicated but completing them will not give me anything that will make my team better.

Lately ive just. Been logging in for the bonuses n playing other games
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Everything is easy lulz lolz. Time to all quit playing this game unless Gimu gives us what we need.... SOMETHING GOOD 🤡
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User Info: Goldninja

1 week ago#8
I've been phoning it in for the last couple weeks and playing other games. I think part of it is the down time between seasons.
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Might just ask here for stamina burning

Any easy setup for LGD armeggedon that freed up 1 slot to rotate?
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User Info: NadSergi

1 week ago#10
Start a new account anew. The feeling of getting rewarded once again lol
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  3. Lack of content dragging me down again...
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