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User Info: Sinamoi

1 week ago#1
skippity skip?

skip, but global buffs so safe to say he'll be good

also no item world, ripperooni
Manage your expectations.
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User Info: Chipofthehead

1 week ago#2
Yeah easy skip this one, never liked lasswell. And I'm gutted there's no IW, I think I've got 5 stmr weapons since the last event!
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User Info: Songi

1 week ago#3
Sinamoi posted...

no item world, ripperooni

The biggest disappointment here. Next item world better remain open for an entire month as compensation.
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User Info: ShinGouken

1 week ago#4
No item world again. Is there any reason to not have it or are they just being ***holes?
Already got 4x 7* AKR lulz lolz. HE is FTW, not lassworm 🤡🤡🤡 skip.
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User Info: Caliberpoo

1 week ago#6
No glex is skip

he wil not be ftw

User Info: Belialkk

1 week ago#7
Skipping because I want Cecil eventually!
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User Info: Ferozban

1 week ago#8
lol skip of course

User Info: uwnim

1 week ago#9
Need to see how good the buffs are.
I want a pet Lavos Spawn.
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User Info: greenfire4m

1 week ago#10
Not sure, I'll have a look at how good he is when we get the data. I might throw some tickets at him and if I get one copy try and get a second with lapis summons but I'll probably skip him he's not my favourite character.
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