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  3. PSA: Old Noctis has no Bonus for the event!

User Info: Shinryu Masaki

Shinryu Masaki
1 month ago#1
When I tried looking for FFXV bonus units this morning for the King Mog event, my friend list was plagued with the old Noctis unit, most not even 7 stars. He doesn't give any Bonus so there's no need to share him.
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User Info: Fiyun

1 month ago#2
I could send an invite for a lady Lunafreya if you want in a few hours.
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User Info: Da1N02

1 month ago#3
People don't read the news

That's actually normal lol
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User Info: wyldman11

1 month ago#4
Maybe they are doing it to trick others into thinking it's him.

Or they are doing it a middle finger to gumi.

But you might be right.
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User Info: SSJPabs

1 month ago#5
It was right there in the announcements....
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User Info: ksuwdboots

1 month ago#6
Same thing is true for Aranea and Nyx.
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  3. PSA: Old Noctis has no Bonus for the event!
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