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User Info: PrinceOfHot

1 week ago#1
You just got rainbows. LOTS OF RAINBOWS. Get anything good?!

Who got the best roll here?
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myra x 2 (2nd/3rd)
malphasie (dupe 5)
shadowlord #5
kimono fina 1st
ignis 2nd
Lenna 1st
krile 2nd
chocobo fina 2nd
cg Charlotte 2nd really hype

at least I can get a bunch of new 7* to play with and 4th olive stmr lmao
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User Info: Lazy_Haar

1 week ago#3
For me....

2nd Seaside Nichol
3rd Sylvie
2nd Nagi
5th Ellesperis
2nd Yuffie
2nd Citra
5th Kurasame
2nd Sol
4th Fryevia
2nd Cid
3rd Nagi


Really happy about the Fryevia STMR, mostly ambivalent about the rest of the results (especially those 5th copies, but that was to be expected).
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User Info: Jacara

1 week ago#4
Tifa - second
Chocobo Fina - first
Radiant Lighting - 4th
Aloha Laswell- second
Zack - 3rd
Auron - first
Rinoa - 5th
High Seraph Ultima - second
Dressy Alieen - second
Elena - second
Shadow Lord - 3rd

Not bad I say
(edited 1 week ago)
I'm still undecided...
The value is there, but this is the most I've been able to save (50k lapis) lol...

EDIT: Even though I'm itching to pull, I'm going to TRY and wait to see what the banner/news is this week.
I'm not really saving for anything other than Advent Children Cloud/Tifa OR (preferably) FF7 Remake Cloud/Tifa, but still...
I mean I want Physallis but that's going to be tickets only.
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User Info: moot_sg

1 week ago#6
How come this thread wasn’t there when I replied to the other thread?

My pulls:

Rivera WOOT
Charlotte WOOT
Aloha Lasswell WOOT

CG Fina

Mediena #5
Akstar #1
Regina #5
A Fry #1
Kaito #1
PSN: moot_sg - Pawn:Zoot/Strider /Level 87
1st regina
1st BM exdeath

2nd jecht
2nd yego
2nd cg bartz
2nd summer folak citra

3rd tsukiko
3rd monk sabin
3rd kurasame

3rd and 4th elena

Noice, 2nd bartz mean now I have 2x hermes sandal for my cg cid, and elena stmr will be useful for many unit aside from herself

The NYC 10+1 also net me my 1st cg terra
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User Info: KoXu

1 week ago#8
3rd cg sakura ;(
4th FolkaCitra
1st&2nd Kefka ;(
1st Locke ;(
1st&2nd Akstar ;( ;( ;(
2nd&3rd Beryl
2nd King Rain
4th Myra

Overall disappointing, no 7* or stmr that i would want.

User Info: trooper546

1 week ago#9
Livid Shantotto #4 (stmr)
Elephim #2
Kimono Fina #3
Akstar #2
Yego #1
Awakened Rain #4 (stmr)
Radiant Lightning #3
Sylvie #4 (stmr)
Ignacio #3
Nagi #3
Machina #2

Really kinda 'meh' about it
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User Info: Miss_Chen

1 week ago#10
Itching to pull lol
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