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User Info: N-K-S

4 weeks ago#31
iSelphy posted...
Isn't there a limit of 5 tickets to be exchanged?

This time because it's a special 2,000 exchange rate. We don't know of there'll be a limit on the future when it's the regular 1,500.

Anyway if people can hoard tickets then they can hoard lapis. Just exchange it for the 10k lapis Thursday and when it returns exchange again. Keep hoarding the lapis you get from it.

F2P players shouldn't be pulling on every banner and expecting every unit anyway. If you're the type of player to throw 10 tickets at a banner and expect to get the on banner rainbow then you really need to lower your expectations and join the real world. You're not going to get every unit. You need to hoard your resources and pick the banner that will help your team more.
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4 weeks ago#32
ShadowGirlxox posted...
Innocent_baby posted...
That said it does heavily screw anyone hoarding to avoid banners. To that my condolences to any of you in that boat unfortunately, that is exactly the behavior they hoped to target.

It's not that bad though. If people are saving 20 UoC for a unit they could exchange 12 tickets for 18000 lapis, do the step-up and UoC the prism with the remaining 8 tickets. It's only double 5* banner where it gets more RNG but there aren't too many of those and we don't know what kind of step-up will be offered in GL.

Exactly on the Multi rainbow banner. If they want to do them that's their call but there should be an option for an isolated chance(remember people gotcha gotta gotcha) to get a unit such as the 9+1+1 the are offering on Rain. Otherwise they will just replace one problem with another...again.

Very surprisingly so far they were able to target exactly the behavior they wanted to discourage with minimal splash damage on the rest, but this can easily be worse if they let some corporate dipstick(Chairman McGreed) screw with the new formula.
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