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User Info: Fiyun

4 weeks ago#21
3g on the normal.

SSJ Rain 7# on the other one.
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User Info: Rimuru_Tempest

4 weeks ago#22
10+1 got me Nyx#3 and NGJake#3
Premium got me 11 gold
I'm a good slime slurp
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User Info: Two-Face

4 weeks ago#23
I got Duke # 2 from the regular 10+1 ticket, and Kimono Fina # 1 from the premium version.
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User Info: Janiln

4 weeks ago#24
Lots of good, bad luck.

10+1 #1 - Dark Fina #5
10+1 #2 - Machina #2
Premium 10+1 - 11 gold
5* Ex - AT Kain #4

Kain's STMR is nice, but the rest is bleh.
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User Info: kingfencer

4 weeks ago#25
check out my ffbe page bro! tutorials to frequently asked questions

User Info: Labotohs

4 weeks ago#26
Lazy_Haar posted...
Exact same outcome for me, i.e. nothing but the bare minimum. The fact that I have to spend a few minutes cleaning up my roster afterwards is always a nice cherry on top.

Pretty much this here.
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User Info: BassGSnewtype

4 weeks ago#27
All golds
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User Info: Asternex

4 weeks ago#28
Jecht from the regular 10+1
And Heliarc from premium.
Ibkniw Heliarc is not 5* but I got excited when the screen went to "got new character! " screen before I realized it was not a rainbow.
(I have this thing we're I don't want to look at the crystals breaking. It helps me postpone any disappointment by a few seconds)
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User Info: Master_Arbiter4

4 weeks ago#29
Premium 10+1 gave me Dark Knight Luneth (second)
10+1 gave me a rainbow too but I forget who it was... third of somebody, I remember that.
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User Info: ahriman505

4 weeks ago#30
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