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  3. 1 billions damage to raid boss

User Info: bitcomet510

1 month ago#1
How? I’ve tried using high power dps 3k-3200 friends and chains together and never was able to go pass 400k damage. My guess to reach 1 billions the chain has to be more than 200 chains and it has to be sparked chains. I don’t know how a lot of players do this much damage.

User Info: DerDoDo

1 month ago#2
Two chainers, elements, imperils, breaks and a finisher. Ta-da, there are your high numbers

Though two really good geared chainers can aöready be enough these days...
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User Info: wyldman11

1 month ago#3
Auron, sylvie, two somewhat recent chainers.

Killers help a lot
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User Info: Constrobuz

1 month ago#4

User Info: ahriman505

1 month ago#5
My team tends to be

Xon- Waylay
2B- breaks
Yuraisha- buffs
Barbie- Lightning Imperil
Esther- Equiped with killers and BS chains (Storm Brand + Demagnetizing Strike)
Friend Esther- same

As long as the Friend unit has a 2h weapon and applicable Killers she consistently gets max damage with just chaining in raids.
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User Info: Destinyawakened

1 month ago#6
Constrobuz posted...
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User Info: uwnim

1 month ago#7
I use Auron for buffs+Breaks, though using two slots for a buffer and a breaker also works.
For chainers I use Aloha Lasswell and Pyro Glacial Lasswell. Though any chainer with a high turn 1 mod works with a good imperil. If the mods are good enough, you don't need to worry about killers and whatnot and only need to change your team if the element you had been using won't work.
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User Info: pitsukoro

1 month ago#8
I'm hitting the 2b cap by:

Kryla debuffs and imperils
Sylvie imbues Regina and A.I. Katy
Randy and A.I. Katy chain bolting strike
Regina, stacked with killers, caps
friend unit just kinda there

User Info: fubar00000

1 month ago#9
Olive breaks and imperils really well. Then chain with fire or lightning and profit.

I use 3 units to hit the cap.
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User Info: Solitudesfury

1 month ago#10
I’m using Roy for his break and buff, Barb for her imperil, the rest strong lightning chainers for cap damage
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  3. 1 billions damage to raid boss
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