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  3. Got Riku? (KH Banner Summon Pulls Topic)

User Info: BassGSnewtype

3 weeks ago#1
Or KH Sephy even?

Now plant your feet, Grit your teeth and

User Info: uwnim

3 weeks ago#2
I got 2 Riku and a KH Sephiroth.
I want a pet Lavos Spawn.
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User Info: Unit3d

3 weeks ago#3
So in my FFBE group, there are 5 of us.

2 of us (including myself) wanted Riku because we are big fans of KH.
The others do not play or are not really invested in Kingdom Hearts. But I guess they were willing to spend a few tickets on the banner.
I did not care about getting KH Sephiroth.

Guess what happened?
Two of the three people who didn't really care about KH pulled a Riku using the 90% Blue Ticket.
I pulled a KH Sephiroth with my 90% Blue Ticket.
Still no Riku after spending quite a number of tickets.

Desire sensor is real >_>

User Info: Ricemills

3 weeks ago#4
1 riku no seph.
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User Info: Mike_Metallix

3 weeks ago#5
Got him in the Half Daily, was quite surprised when it went Blue to Gold and then to Rainbow.

Will eventually get his 7 when his Prism ends up in the Shop, unless I get another in these next 6 Half off Dailies, don't feel like using any other Resources on this Banner

User Info: SSJPabs

3 weeks ago#6
Nope. Terra is coming soon (tm).
Too stupid to be BAF2P(BTW)
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User Info: IzualUrashima

3 weeks ago#7
"What's a KH Sephy ?"
throws glass

...Sorry, it had to be done.
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User Info: Da1N02

3 weeks ago#8
1 lap gave me 1 Riku and the guaranteed was KH Seph

1 bronze and 1 gold ticket later got 2nd KH Seph

Done with the banner.. got what I wanted lol
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User Info: Kyara

3 weeks ago#9
Got both of them twice. Now I only have to get enough Gil to 7* them...

User Info: IceWave

3 weeks ago#10
Used one 4-star ticket: Riku
Used one rare ticket right after: KH Seph

Me: O_O

I am honestly astonished how that happened.
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