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User Info: Colonel_Snitsky

4 weeks ago#21
LordBurl posted...
Colonel_Snitsky posted...
Step 1: 6 yellows, nothing good.
Step 2: 2 rainbows, both Sol.
There was no step 3.

Wow, congrats on that luck!


User Info: HarmoniousTerra

4 weeks ago#22
Lulz got my first Sol on today's 5+1 ticket haha. But no need.
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User Info: Lazy_Haar

4 weeks ago#23
HarmoniousTerra posted...
Lulz got my first Sol on today's 5+1 ticket haha. But no need.

Same thing happened to me. As far as I know, this is the first time I've gotten a current unit from an EX ticket in the entire time I've played the game. I'm not really interested in him, though, so unless I manage to randomly pull another down the road, it's a bit of a waste.
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