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  3. Half a million pulls on the Octopath traveler raid...

User Info: xero549

1 month ago#1
...not a single 4* ticket. Still have half left to go, after this cleanup. They really should make these things less “rare”. It’s ridiculous.

User Info: xero549

1 month ago#2
They need to raise the 1500 max, you can’t even use expansion tix on them. It’s bulls***. Make expansion tix worthwhile again!

User Info: tortethetoast

1 month ago#3
or make inventory at least manageable.

thousands of units, items and stuff and you get just a few drawers for it.
give us auto-combine, so we can spend our toilet breaks more worthwhile.
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User Info: MAZZ0Murder

1 month ago#4
Wow, if I didn't see this I surely would have forgotten that I still have to do the rest of my pulls :O

But holy heck, that's some bad luck :E
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User Info: LordBurl

1 month ago#5
The last time I figured it up I was averaging about 0.4 4* tickets per raid, or in other words I get 1 ticket every 2-3 raids. Considering I get over 1 million raid coins every raid, that puts my personal rate somewhere at 0.00000005% to 0.000000033% based on just 1 million raid coins per raid (and I never total them up, it is likely higher, I just know I hit a minimum of 1 million).

That is such an absurdly low rate, I wonder why they even bother.
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User Info: sfsuphysics

1 month ago#6
They definitely need to up the ticket pull amount from 10000 to max, I mean there's no reason not to do a max pull other than maybe flooding your inventory and doing hundreds of pulls gets to be quite tedious.

User Info: Boogaloo

1 month ago#7
I've gotten around 1 for every million, and it was always crapola, lol
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  3. Half a million pulls on the Octopath traveler raid...
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