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  3. How are your IW world runs going?

User Info: Songi

1 week ago#41
Done with all milestone rewards and no rares. Not sure if thats normal but I am glad I only have one weapon in need of a rare currently.
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User Info: Widow

1 week ago#42
My longinus was blessed by the rng, 45% att and 20% hp (seal lv4, att +10% and 15%), the fun fact is that atm no one will use that on my team ahahah, i hope that in the future someone good will use spears
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(edited 1 week ago)
Been trying to work on my Nyx Daggers, Seraphia(? Ayaka's STMR), and Quicksilver FFBE
Only rare has been 40% ATK on Quicksilver (but came with 2 bad supporting slots) and mostly had trash runs outside of that :(
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User Info: LordBurl

6 days ago#44
So after going the entire week with no rares and only a couple of even decent rolls, I got three rares today.

Tiger Fangs: Rare, atk 7%, atk 5%
Fallen Angle: Rare, mag 15%, hp 10%
Longinus: Rare, atk 15%, atk 12%
"I love games where everything is decided by RNG", said no one ever...
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User Info: InfestedAdam

6 days ago#45
Spent this entire time trying to exchange the enhancements on Grim Lord Sakura's Reaver. Previously it was 10% MAG, 12% MAG, and the ol rare 15% ATK/HP. If anything I think seeing the out-of-place 12% is what made me wanting to change out the enhancements. Finally landed with 5% MAG, 10% MAG, and the rare 20% ATK/HP. She's still capped at 400% but probably an overall downgrade.
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  3. How are your IW world runs going?
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