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  3. How are your IW world runs going?

User Info: OmniNakago

1 week ago#31
On my new Lionheart, I got:

ATK 10
Seal of Life and Power Lv. 4

I'm satisfied.
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User Info: DNoobX

1 week ago#32
Getting crap on Ace's STMR and I don't think I have anyone else that uses magic throwing weapons besides Rinoa who is outclassed by Circe, BSS, and GLS.
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User Info: Sexcalibur

1 week ago#33
Horrible. I did about 25 runs and got absolutely nothing on my Masamune. Does more equipment stars mean lower chance Seal of Power?
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User Info: Chipofthehead

1 week ago#34
Finally after 3 IW I've managed 1 great and 1 good roll.

Stardust rod - rare +20% mag/mp, spr +15% and hp +10%. This is perfect for the moon trial so I'm very pleased with this one.

Buster sword (kh) - atk +5/10/15%.
I'm trying to cap Esther's atk whilst still being able to equip discernment, extra killer etc and this helps.
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One rare on lightning saber.

Was thinking anout using Reberta again, but not sure I’ll follow through.

User Info: Bredbedl

1 week ago#36
Woo, after a dry spell got rares on Two Headed Dragon Harp and Fang breaker
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User Info: stormlight13

1 week ago#37
Rare on Ulric's Kukri after spending the first half of the week on it, then got rares on Omega Weapon (XIII) and Summer Parasol in the past 2 days
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User Info: Jacara

1 week ago#38
Not a single good thing except 29% atk on one weapon

User Info: Verjax

6 days ago#39
Not good this time around; got 3 rares, but the other two mods were terrible. The best is probably stardust rod that got rare and 10% MAG & HP but it already had rare level 4 and 15% MAG on it, so arguably it might not even be an upgrade.

Trying to get rare on cg lid's stmr, then I'll run the kukri once, and if I have more orbs I'll run stardust rod one last time in hope of 40% MAG.
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User Info: Unit3d

6 days ago#40
0 rares so far. But I guess I got that coming since I got 4 rare weapons the last time we had this event.
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