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  3. How are your IW world runs going?

User Info: MAZZ0Murder

1 week ago#21
I've been a tad burnt out. Only been through the whole things three or four times. ^^;

I've only done Duke'S STMR and one of Elena's TMRs so far.

So my best is HP +10%, ATK +10%, and MAG +12% on Astraea.
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User Info: NadSergi

1 week ago#22
bad XD I'm getting rares but with horrible companions

User Info: LordBurl

1 week ago#23
No rares yet, but I got this on Longinus:

Atk 15%
HP 15%
Atk 7%

So not great, but a solid roll.
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User Info: moot_sg

1 week ago#24
Got High Tide+ on Nyx’s Dagger a few days ago, which was neat. Also got a rare for the Big Chopper. Spent the rest of the time putting some bonuses on new weapons, like Malphasie’s TMR and Cloud’s STMR.
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User Info: NekoEspirito

1 week ago#25
Nyx stmr 1st run: high tide rare, 12% hp, 10% attack.
Lid stmr 1st run: rare (20% hp, 20% def), 15% hp, 10% def.

Pretty stoked for those.

I've been running lots of other good items, but Zeno stmr is driving me batty. About 30 runs in all garbo.
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User Info: SpicyBanana

1 week ago#26
Quicksilver it took me 2 runs and I got rare atk 40%.
Zantetsuken on the other hand, 13 full runs, I finally got seal of power+4.
Now will luck give me high tide+ for ulrics...
Stay tuned!!!
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User Info: MRsleepyhead

1 week ago#27
Pretty much stopped right after I got my rare passives rather fast for some. Others took some time. My nirvana was done in about a roll or two. (Despite the other stat boosts being not so well) sadly I got no clue on which of my weapons to reroll for in terms of I.w
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User Info: Sigs_Minock

1 week ago#28
weee... finally got Seal of Life and Power on my new Iconic Sword.
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User Info: CoolMyth

1 week ago#29
No rares at all.

Got Atk+10, Hp+10, Spr+10 on Ulric Kukri.
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User Info: RndmNmber1

1 week ago#30
IW world? Item World world?

Anyway it's been a bad week. Running it exclusively for Longinus but never got better than 17% ATK and 7% HP.
10+ laps and not even a single 12% and 15% ATK showed up,
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  3. How are your IW world runs going?
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