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  3. How are your IW world runs going?

User Info: BassGSnewtype

1 week ago#1
I've been good so far, I got Seal of Life and Power lv.4 on 3 weapons, (Stoss Spear, Excalibur and Zantetsuken)
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User Info: Swez_pez

1 week ago#2
Got high tide+ on Ulric this morning. That was neat
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User Info: fubar00000

1 week ago#3
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User Info: ahriman505

1 week ago#4
Currently running my new Serapia's Staff.
Goal is: rare + however much hp I can get.

First run: Hp 10%, 7%, 5%
Second run: Hp 7%, 10%, 5%
Third run: Hp 5%, 7%, 10%

Spoiler: This is not going well at all.
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User Info: Ricemills

1 week ago#5
not even a single rare.
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User Info: Bredbedl

1 week ago#6
One rare on quicksilver. Spent about 100 pots, too. Nothing on astraea crimson blood, ulric, or 2 headed dragon harp...
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User Info: Chipofthehead

1 week ago#7
Ricemills posted...
not even a single rare.
Same. This'll be the 3rd IW in a row without a rare for me...
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User Info: The_Sol_Blader

1 week ago#8
I got lvl 4 seal on Sword of Kings because I wanted a decently enhanced sword for Reberta and I didn't see anything better in my inventory, then remembered after I finished that I could have moogled Onion Sword. Fun times
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User Info: Beast25

1 week ago#9
I got one rare on serapia and one rare on cg Jake's stmr. No rare on Quicksilver yet so now I do a tdh CG lightning with cg Jake's stmr lol
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User Info: Belialkk

1 week ago#10
Spent the whole time trying to get the greatsword rare

this is the best I have got so far:


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